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  1. that is one cool looking bug, I will check Google images
  2. You are a nice person, Pete. You would probably give the devil a cool drink on a hot day.
  3. ...and he hadn't even met me yet! No, I think the job was not of interest to him but I do know someone who would want it so all is good, don't embarrass him.
  4. After many back and forth emails re salary, etc. Diego didn't show this morning as agreed or let me know he couldn't/wasn't going to. Disappointing but I am committed to finding someone who wants and needs to work.
  5. I know that feeling, I used to think I was being followed by my ex husband but then I realized it was some other guy with a glass eye and a machete...also maybe a teeny bit of paranoia on my part.
  6. No, Shirley, all I can see is you trying to get attention and derail a conversation. That's not humor, it's just a pita.
  7. There are some people who, if they don't already know, you can't tell 'em. Yogi Berra
  8. Why do you use that telltale FAKE NEWS all of the time? It sounds ignorant and flags your content as being "political." Cook5 references someone he knows - a medical professional - and the Guad. Reporter - a local newspaper. You just want to pick a fight (as usual).
  9. Okay, MC, how is this not political- the very thing you objected to in Computer Guy's posts? Or is it only political if it runs afoul of your personal politics? I really don't get it. I personally think the whole Lock Down vs. The Economy is a moral question.
  10. Yeah, Pedro, I'd have that SNORK! looked at, it appears to be chronic.
  11. He's coming to my house Tues. to help with a bunch of outdoor maintenance we can't do right now.
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