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  1. kam

    Juice not nectar!

    We have smoothies every day and have, as a back up to fresh fruit, frozen pineapple and blueberries from Costco. Plus fresh bananas.
  2. Maybe "ugly, smelly and vermin ridden" don't draw people...just a thought..
  3. kam


    Oh golly, maybe you go somewhere else? No one wants to charge you for unwanted applies.
  4. Thank you, I love cats but - every night - they are fighting and/or fornicating above my bedroom - basta!.
  5. thank you, one would be so good.
  6. I very much liked Dr. Pinto personally but did not have a positive outcome with his work and lost time and money.
  7. Put them outside your door/gate with a "gratis" sign - they will be gone in no time.
  8. Wow, Jillin - one question - is that haggis or wtf on your homemade cutting board? Because, well, just wow.
  9. A third vote for Doctora Jessica - my husband and I are both very well cared for by her.
  10. ...maybe more likely to get an accurate answer if actually ask them, not a bunch of random strangers on a web board......
  11. Jonny, influence or money? Just checking.
  12. kam

    Pet Free Premise

    And, again, what about my therapy chicken
  13. Dr. Leon's office offered (offers?) such a package. It has been 4 years since I participated and the cost will (no doubt) have increased, if the program is still offered, but I found it extremely reasonable as well as convenient (transportation to/from the imaging clinic in Guad. was included).
  14. kam


    Carretera Poniente 35 (25.81 mi) Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 45920 01 376 766 1616
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