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  1. ditto to what Ferret said!
  2. Adelitas Tuesday ribs and fries special last night - delivered hot and fast (delivery person was masked )
  3. Eric, is there no thread safe from you? "Some" people trash you for being compulsively attention seeking, eager to stick your oar into any discussion as long as you get noticed. Didn't you study that in Psych 101?
  4. kam


    yep, I knew SL was local - it is also a bus ride from my casa and is, from all reports, crowded so I will stick with the little tienda a block away.
  5. I have no more "likes" left for today but I really liked this 🤠 reminder of the early days of the Reign of Terror - also loved your playlist!
  6. kam


    Thanks for the heads up, Kyle, I love cauliflower and want to help our locals,
  7. this was predicted last week - oldish news, Still at it, eh Eric?
  8. Burgers are great - and huge. Love their fries, too,
  9. I know Lori and Jerry and knew of their plans to visit Cambodia (where Lori was imprisoned during the war). I see nothing fake about this.
  10. Eric, as others have said before, "give it a rest." Waste your own time all you want, stop wasting ours.
  11. I guess the hard truth is that your points are not really of interest to most of us and just clog up the board.
  12. Eric asks all of his questions here, because he is clueless.
  13. I didn't mean look at their site, I meant google the address - sorry if I wasn't clear. This link might help https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02XiGCKiYzrHFGrdRfIXJ4LVb_bKQ%3A1582507287397&ei=FyVTXrfkF4LWtQW-kaiYAQ&q=Ocampo+20%2C+Ajijic%2C+Jalisco&oq=ocampo+20+Ajijic&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.35i39j38l2.15773.15773..21399...0.0..0.548.1193.0j1j5-2......0....1..gws-wiz.......35i304i39.RzMvswN3RBw
  14. address given in the original post. Google it.
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