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  1. kam

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    I have a small. well-behaved therapy chicken. She does not smoke. Okay to bring her with me?
  2. kam

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    yes, we did - see posts above
  3. kam

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    Yes, GG, we ordered via landline last night. Good pizza, fast service.
  4. kam

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    Conversations wander, there is no agenda, it is all okay. I like cheese.
  5. kam

    New RAMEN food truck

    No, in fact, I didn't say that or anything like that. ?????
  6. kam

    New RAMEN food truck

    Thanks CG, this is in our 'hood and, while we usually go with Tacos Arabe, ramen is fine when you are hungry, don't want to cook and everything is closed. We'll try it.
  7. Yeah, kids raised with Katrina dolls and sugar skulls aren't going to have panic attack over face paint. Get a grip, folks. It's only rock and roll.
  8. PM me - I am in for a new shirt or two. I am so sorry for the groundskeeper and want him to know we care.
  9. kam

    Cydney's ( "C2" ) phone number?

    Love Cydney and C2!
  10. kam

    Fund raiser for local star

    Thank you, Mike - I think it is extremely disrespectful and inhumane to turn someone's difficulty into an information exchange. Start a new thread - not difficult and shows a little class.
  11. The Ranch - 376-766-3813 http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ranchdogs.html
  12. kam

    Seeking Personal Chef or

    Both, in house and to take home - a treat https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g499405-d7622803-Reviews-Abuelinda_s_Cusine-Ajijic.html
  13. kam

    REALLY inconvenient!

    Did they have the OP's phone number? I seem to recall she mentioned having her phone stolen recently.
  14. kam

    Where would you go?

    GO, Ninettes
  15. The ad shows this as an upcoming one-off meal so unless you are looking for info on Elegante's prime rib generally, you probably won't get what you are looking for.