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  1. kam

    St remy du lac

    St Remy is pretentious and only okay.
  2. I think that is most likely Christinia Park (Sp?) in Chapala and Lisa is a 4-alarm Snake, not a reporter. IMHO of course
  3. Listed on Trip Adviser as vegetarian/vegan - check there for phone number and more information.
  4. kam

    Pale Restaurant

    Back in your corners, kids. We are talking about food now and food rules. :😏
  5. Not sure it is good business to call customers "bystanders with nothing to lose." Money? Time?
  6. kam


    Slainte -- pretty sure we were talking about artichokes - Gawd, I hope so - I am confused.
  7. San Francisco Furniture in Chapala - we've purchased 2 Wendy mattresses from them. Good people, good mattresses.
  8. Maybe this Slainte? I know the popcorn knees caught my attention.
  9. kam


    I have not been able to figure out why folks like it. May (very well) be me but I thought the food and service was (barely) meh.
  10. Alchemia on Encarnacion Rosas, just north of Constitution in Ajijic.
  11. Oh yes, wild salmon from Alaska, Dungeness crab cakes, Coupeville musells.
  12. kam


  13. ho·mo·pho·bic /ˌhōməˈfōbik/ adjective having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. "homophobic remarks"
  14. kam


    Popcorn with Tajin (and butter) - Oh yeah
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