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  1. kam

    Neighbor Rancor .. So Typical

    There are many similarities between neglected dogs and trolls - both hungry for attention, likely ill-mannered and prone to making a mess in the middle of your patio, or web board. And, while we might have sympathy, it is a challenge to get past their off putting neediness.
  2. Luis Miramontes 331-307-8289
  3. kam

    Car driving

    Guys, get a room or take it outside, the grownups are trying to talk.
  4. kam

    Telecable out

    Drew - we are also on Encarnacion Rosas (Lake side) - we have internet but phone service is out.
  5. kam


    If you just look at LCS membership as a chance for you to score reduced prices on LCS events or use their facilities, I guess that's just who you are. How about the many opportunities LCS offers to the Ajijic community, can't you support that? We do.
  6. kam

    M and J Pizza

    They may have to worry about parking for pick up - GV is not a parking friendly street.
  7. kam

    Where Is She!!??

    jesspao83@hotmail.com She is a wonderful doctor
  8. Mudgirl - thank you for standing tall.
  9. kam

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    🙄Good questions - how about asking them - 331 697 1704 - get some real inside info.
  10. kam

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    I love these folks. They are SO efficient and helpful.
  11. kam

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    They have a freezer bag they deliver frozen items in (this is not a guess, which is not a helpful answer) but a fact. I order frozen goods, thy arrive frozen.
  12. Gracias, More Liana, that is the point I clumsily tried to make. I have heard expats brag about the "deal" they got from an artisan and it saddens me.
  13. I find the whole notion of haggling with artisans, vendors and shopkeepers disrespectful and demeaning.
  14. kam

    Palliative Care

    Hello Zeb - It sounds as though you, or someone you care for, is in a difficult spot. I worked in hospice care in the US. I think it might be helpful if you were more specific as to the type of care you are looking for - end of life, pain management as opposed to curative care, etc. I hope you can find the care you want and the support you will need.