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  1. Brad Grieve did our inspection - we were very pleased
  2. I can't help with an apartment but I do want to highly recommend Ernesto - a good landscaper and a good guy!
  3. Scallions is just fine - not fancy, but friendly and with ample portions of well prepared food. As for El Sombrero, I am sure that the owners ("Gosha's owners) can figure it out, this is not their first trip to the rodeo.
  4. When I've been unable to buy fresh or frozen, I "reconstitute" dried cranberries with orange juice and zest, boiled down with a little sugar and chiiled. Good..
  5. kam


    No! Costco works with Trident Seafoods. I grew up in the Pacific NW, even fished in Alaska one summer. That sockeye is NOT farmed.
  6. Harry, You need a tiny bit of computer help (Cmputer Guy, maybe)
  7. And there are any number of adorable dogs available at The Ranch and Lucky Dog ready to provide someone with a best buddy.
  8. And he doesn't even charge for all of the advice he gives us. Gracias, Mike😎
  9. Wookie - thank you for being such a compassionate person.
  10. kam

    St remy du lac

    St Remy is pretentious and only okay.
  11. I think that is most likely Christinia Park (Sp?) in Chapala and Lisa is a 4-alarm Snake, not a reporter. IMHO of course
  12. Listed on Trip Adviser as vegetarian/vegan - check there for phone number and more information.
  13. kam

    Pale Restaurant

    Back in your corners, kids. We are talking about food now and food rules. :😏
  14. Not sure it is good business to call customers "bystanders with nothing to lose." Money? Time?
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