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  1. I was a hospice and palliative care administrator in the US. In the US, hospice Medicare hospice coverage required a "limited life" diagnosis of 6 mths. or less. I have no idea what it is is/was here. I suggest you read the article in last week's Guadalajara Reporter about efforts to increase hospice care in Mexico. I would support and be involved in a hospice care program here.
  2. Sorry to hear this, Camille, nobody should ever be in such a rush that they can't be, simply, human (and humane). Best to you.
  3. Ken - I haven't seen any posters up yet - remember, both Spanish and English, and "Big Reward." I am heading out now and will keep an eye out for Chicka.
  4. I go to LCS frequently to use the library and (unlike Johanson) I see dogs there all of the time - on leashes with their owners. I have never seen an incident such as the one the OP witnessed (wow! that is some kind of bad manners) and, no, I have never noticed that the grounds smelled like dog poop.
  5. Sorry to hear this Ken. Since we are in your 'hood and know Chicka, we will look for her.
  6. Eric, I know we have all been warned to be polite to you but I have to ask why you keep putting yourself in our path. Why are we going to read your numerous posts? What good will they do us? I guess it gives you pleasure to write and post them but, please, consider your audience. Gracias.
  7. This thread is about Dra. Karen Gonzalez. LCS is not in charge of this board. Contact them through their website/email - https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/
  8. thanks, Lily, we have a "not very smart at all" phone but it does have an alarm which we always use.
  9. I know you much prefer Chapala to Ajijic, RV, but it is silly to carry this grudge for so long and over such a distance. And silly, as well, to lump a diverse group of folks into one mindset. I think you are better than that.
  10. Thank you Wookie. I was also offended by Natasha's response. I know she has been a valued member of the animal rescue community for years but she is sometimes unthinking and hurtful in dealing with those of us who are, alas, only human.
  11. I am fessing up here. Herman called me out for being "RUDE" in a PM - he uses all caps because that is the way he rolls, I love this country and try to be a good guest. As I told him in the PM, bring it.
  12. Herman, our allowance of disgusting gringos is filled for this year. Please feel fee to reapply in 2020.
  13. Dharma info (Google is your pal) https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g499405-d15365044-Reviews-Dharma-Ajijic.html
  14. Oh please, you can measure your waist and guess at the rest. Or ask an honest observer. So so easy to be an optimist.
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