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  1. He says his wife will run it
  2. try googling hearing aid services near me. Here's one - Address: Lib. A Chapala # 132-Int. 21, Plaza Interlago, 45907 San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. Phone: 376 766 5126
  3. And I was so heartened to see the kind reactions to the original post. Celebrated too soon. At least HJ didn't post 5,000 pictures of his great self, be grateful.
  4. Only a select few. You are probably not one of them.
  5. It is the lack of common decency that saddens me, more than the lack of common sense.
  6. How is it that Mr. Coons can get as personal as he chooses and, if any of the rest of us try it, we will get slapped up side of the head?
  7. Do the huge memes make it fact - kind of like shouting?
  8. Vaccine information online at https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ruta-de-la-vacunacion/
  9. No, I am not kidding, just trying to ramp down the "sky is falling" rhetoric. I doubt that there will be "millions of people running around" seeking mix and match shots. Nothing to do with the morons who refuse to get vaccinated - that's a different circus altogether.
  10. Doesn't seem as though it will cause a major crisis for humankind.
  11. Yes to Letra CH - the best, in my opinion. Wonderful food, good service and reasonable prices.
  12. Huh? I know nearly a dozen people here who have had the virus - maybe no one you know has had it but it has/is around.
  13. Give it a rest. You can bark all you want but I am still not letting you in the house.
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