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  1. Hmmmmm....even if so, you still could have refrained from shouting it in public in order to give yourself an "atta boy."
  2. Eric - it take some of the shine off your "Good Citizen" badge when you publicly accuse them of short changing you. How about keeping that good feeling to yourself without any of the accusation?
  3. Exactly, Rick, one of our daughters is still in Seattle - a masked walk around Volunteer Park or through the arboretum is free. No need to be bored unless that is your choice.
  4. You always say that, just please don't, okay - it is really not funny and is pretty mean.
  5. Pete, no teasing, okay? It never ends well.
  6. kam


    GH sticks to vino tinto - he doesn't need anything else - especially not any new, informed information
  7. Try harder to resist next time - don't shame people. it isn't funny.
  8. Sorry, I was responding to Mr. Coons earlier post. I am a Mudgirl fan and would not diss her. Mr. Coons I would, and do, diss.
  9. I can't recall previous drum beating but you may be right. Oh, and don't curse at me. I have been cursed at by much better people and, yet, I still believe in what I believe in.
  10. Huh? I am one of the expats mentioned and am acutely aware of the economic hardship this virus has created, as are many of my fellow expats- you know, those unfeeling folks who have ponied up a portion of their SS checks to support one, or two, or three of the feeding programs in the area. Don't patronize me to promote your own agenda, it won't work. Try harder.
  11. kam


    The Lilifher deli across from Bancomer in Ajijic. So darn good!
  12. It's coming down hard in Ajijic Centro - yay!
  13. ..and maybe you need all the cachet you can get...
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