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  1. Virus was not the problem - vitriol was
  2. Appalling - aren't Moderators supposed to be...ahem...moderate?
  3. And there's the picture...case closed
  4. He is just leaving my casa in central Ajijic right now, on his way back to the office. You can probably catch him there.
  5. Yeah but you got photographs.
  6. We had the spinach and cheese and the ground beef piroshki for lunch today - both very good.
  7. Not "crappy" just not what I expected. Croissants are very good.
  8. Thank you! It has become painful to read. I am with you on the picket line.🤠
  9. I hate the idea of having Covid. If I if I had the misfortune to get it, I wouldn't give a **** where I was treated as long as I received capable care.
  10. Dr. Claudia is excellent - she operated on my eyes 2 months ago. I do agree with Gringal that the stairs are a problem.
  11. Assumption - that the OP has a car.
  12. They are too special for the likes of us.
  13. He says his wife will run it
  14. try googling hearing aid services near me. Here's one - Address: Lib. A Chapala # 132-Int. 21, Plaza Interlago, 45907 San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. Phone: 376 766 5126
  15. And I was so heartened to see the kind reactions to the original post. Celebrated too soon. At least HJ didn't post 5,000 pictures of his great self, be grateful.
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