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  1. In early October, Alaska Airlines decided to allow miniature horses (trained as service animals) on flights. I am considering a therapy wolf.
  2. I've noticed you have a stalker - not too hard to identify even without the ID. Sad display of passive aggression. I am in favor of no icons, buttons or other gizmos, just civilized (well, usually) conversation, information and advice.
  3. Indeed, thank you Gringal - I have been very grateful for your opinions/advice./help.
  4. Doesn't it just turn the board into a popularity contest? And stir up more antagonism between members? And, finally, serve as a "stop" before you hit a button, in effect editing your opinion?
  5. Check with Hensley (on this board). She does household sales.
  6. kam

    Looking for a Maid/ Houskeeper

    I am beyond pleased with Spring Clean. They provide the maid/housekeeper/all supplies/pay health insurance/finiquito should that become necessary and are (given all that) reasonably priced. Also very easy to work with. I have a wonderful efficient housekeeper from Spring Clean. I regret not having found them sooner.
  7. The home is smoke free, I assume, Johanson. The blanket is probably electric heated.
  8. And yet Natasha thinks you could/should do more because she does. She just does.
  9. Judgment much Natasha? This person rescued the cat, tried to find a home for it, took it to LFA and made a generous donation. Do you know one thing about this person's situation, mobility or anything apart from those facts? If not, maybe thanking him/her is sufficient.
  10. kam

    Reliable Taxi Drivers

    Have you searched on here - it is a very common topic with much discussion you might find interesting. We like Miramontes for their unfailing courtesy and reliability.
  11. LFA = Lakeside Friends of Animals
  12. We missed the ballot box deadline but found we could scan and email our ballots. Easy peasy.
  13. kam

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

    Two views - two stores - everybody pick a side. Wait just a minute - persons without cars in Ajijjic are not represented. And, oddly, if you are without a car and a little bit limpy, a couple of kms does make a difference. Hard to see the road out of someone else's windshield
  14. kam

    Dr. Advice Please

    Second Dra. Jessica Flores - she is so good, caring and smart. And she follows up with her patients. We feel truly blessed to have found her.
  15. kam


    Maybe not deleted because it offered a street corner on which the not-so-honorable opposition could pull out a megaphone and let us know what was right (really really right) ?? Maybe?