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  1. There is never too much, usually way too little, Thoreau in this world. Thanks.
  2. Thank you, Shortstop. I am a not very tall woman of a certain age with the usual age related joint problems. When I was first here, I could (sort of) hop aboard the buses - now, I am not so hoppy. I live in Ajijic Centro and limp around the cobblestones. I still adore Ajijic and the home I own here but, in retrospect (which is always 20/20) Chapala might have been a better fit. I use taxis as we don't have a car.
  3. It is not the cost or the closing time - it is the attitude. Such a fancy pants piece on Ajijic but where the hell are the Mexicans? Where are the actual people who live here? Who are these people in this video? When I go to parties, I am encouraged to bring a dish and maybe my own drink, I have (holy MOG!) never been offered a Botox treatment. It reminds me of my dearly departed) older brother who advised : "Never go to a bar offering a free tattoo with five beers. " But, then, we are/were (obviously) peasants.
  4. Hmmm...I felt like it was a "parallel Ajijic" to the one I have lived in for 4 years. Maybe I just don't get out enough, or hang in the right circles. That Ajijic is not one I would move to, though I am sure it is a good fit for a lot of folks.
  5. kam

    Termezzo on Colon

    Thanks CG, I agree two threads were conflated. Intermezzo was fine, good food, not outrageously pricey and nothing about a burger - it was Italian food.
  6. "Carnaval" is the correct term here. Mardi Gras is a U.S - specifically Louisiana- term
  7. Oh long enough, I am just a slow and cranky student, If I want to buy a house, I do not want to hear how easy it is to build a house. Just answer the question and be on your way, folks.
  8. As has been discussed and discussed before, if someone asks for a source for a product, it is not entirely (or even a teeny bit) helpful to point out that any fool could make it themselves.
  9. Kids, how about taking your quarrel outside?
  10. Our experience was (emphasis was) that we had to clear customs in LAX. It was not fun. Give yourself a bunch of time, be patient. Think happy thoughts.
  11. Oh jonny, no one really gives a rat's ### about you and I am sorry because I know you need the attention and affirmation but you are like one of those small annoying dogs that humps your leg, you know?
  12. CG and Ferret - Many thanks for this whole thread, you are heroes. Extra points to CG for the Fbomb
  13. Public shaming...pictures with full account of her behavior in her neighborhood and other public places.
  14. There are many similarities between neglected dogs and trolls - both hungry for attention, likely ill-mannered and prone to making a mess in the middle of your patio, or web board. And, while we might have sympathy, it is a challenge to get past their off putting neediness.
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