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  1. Sorry, but I find Facebook offensive in so many ways that I refuse to use it, or let it use me. I also find your insult offensive.
  2. and what is your drive if not attention seeking? Your posts seem to have devolved from regular crabby to uber crabby.
  3. I know, remember the good old days when all we did was fight about dogs in restaurants­čśÄ
  4. I am so glad I don't have to monitor everyone's health habits. It must be so exhausting!
  5. Yes, Artsnob - artist and gallery owner - who has already answered your question.
  6. No thanks, I'm good.
  7. Congrats, Dad. There is a long article on the Dyatlov Peak mystery here https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2021/01/has-science-solved-history-greatest-adventure-mystery-dyatlov/
  8. You know what really sucks? Getting or spreading Covid.
  9. Who do you hire to install a ground floor gauge? We have decided to become a little (or a lot) less trusting after realizing our gas guy was gouging us.
  10. If Mr Jillin hasn't recommended it, it is really of no significance. When will the rest of us learn?
  11. kam


    My husband was there this morning picking up breakfast treats - and they are true treats.
  12. kam


    We got 2 great sandwiches - one was short ribs, the other salmon. Excellent bread and generous fillings. Can't wait to try the cinnamon rolls.
  13. The shot that is difficult to get is not the shot you received. That was a Trivalent flu shot, the flu shot under discussion here is a Quadrivalent flu shot. The Trivalent covers 3 types of flu, the Quadrivalent covers 4 types.
  14. I will give up my "place in line" to any health care worker, first responder or other essential worker - I am pretty damn swell but not necessary.
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