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  1. @ ZEB. Yes i had surgery done by Dr. Claudia, which has her office in Ajijic (Mirasol) and does the surgeries in Guadalajara.
  2. The flyer was on my car. I got 30% off. don´t know if in the oho there is a voucher But you can try... you heard about the flyer... probably she gives you the discount ...heheheh
  3. you mix up here. I am talking about Dra Claudia Camacho Choza (daughter). The one you are talking about is Dra Laura Choza in Guadalajara
  4. Hi everybody, just wanted to update you. I had my surgery done yesterday... and I am just so happy. I have a 100% vision. The surgery was done in Guadalajara- they picked me up from home, drove me to the clinic and brought me back after the surgery... Everything was perfect. Thanks Dra. Camacho....
  5. I payed with the flyer (30% off) 420 pesos. So normal price is 600 pesos
  6. I agree: I have been until now to three different "oftalmólogos" in Mexico and always had to pay the "consulta". But the best was yesterday. I really felt I was in professional care. And the machines are all new. Will do Lasik surgery next month with her. Because she told me that I am not allowed to wear my contacts for one month, so the eye can relax and show its real shape. Thats also a sign for me that she works good, because I have been to another doctor who would had done the surgery right on the next day
  7. @jaybear. Thats what i think too. With my eyes i dont want cheap. Thanks for the advice:))))
  8. U have any recomendation for a good dentist? There are so many ............
  9. http://de.tinypic.com/r/taijw0/8 http://de.tinypic.com/r/2i71umw/8 Now i could upload
  10. Hi everybody. I checked my eyes today with a new doctor in town. Found her Flyer on my car and got 30% off Her name is: DRA. CLAUDIA CAMACHO CHOZA. And i just can recommend her. The atmosphere is great and the doctor is very professional. The place is a little hidden, but its right next to the Fit for Life Gym at the entry of the Mirasol. The contact you can find on her webpage: www.camacho-choza.com (tried to upload a pic of the business card, but could not figure it out ))) Cheers Mike
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