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  1. I also have this one - works great, easy to install.
  2. don't think so - there is a special lane for cars.
  3. 324 pesos one way. no toll on last toll booth. I went 2 weeks ago.
  4. i had the pcr test done at Salud ding on lopez mateos. results were send by mail 28hours later (they told me min 48hours) went there 2 days prior to my flight.
  5. I doubt they arrive to Terminal 1 - NEVER saw an Aeromexico airplane on the terminal 1 side of the airport. Best is to call them directly. but pretty sure this is a mistake. In case: From Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 there is a sky train - so no big deal to change terminals. for free with boarding pass.
  6. not possible, as you go on different airlines ( Volaris/viva aerobus) and then change to Aeromexico. I doubt this is possible in half hour. Even more doubtful if you have luggage, so checkinn would be closed at Aeromexico already.
  7. of course there is mandatory facemark and temperature measurments. that is normal in these times, but traveling itself is no problem. Not as going to Europe where mandatory covidtests are asked for etc.
  8. no problem at all. I traveled 2 times. One time Chicago, one time San Diego. You do not need a covid test. Only fill out at the airport the questionaire and that's it.
  9. Dr Claudia has a variety of frames and will also adapt the glasses. I had them done after surgery and the quality is great.
  10. it is crowded but organized. line at cashier at least 20-30min. so in total plan to be there for one hour.
  11. Hi all, I have several doctors appointments this week. Do you know if most of them are open? Would you stay at home or go the appointment you have? The situation is kind of strange as they do not have to close i guess.
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