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  1. BENNOS is open, same place in libramiento where Pemex is. phone no. 376 766 5933. Sign will be replaced soon. Was misteriously taken away. MtnMama and Mainecoons thank you so much for your support. It was a pleasure having you as clients. And yes there is a lawsuit against Luis, looks like he intended to buy Bennos, but he just took the database, the company's phone and some of the tools and equipment to do his own thing. BENNOS has been around for more than 10 years and will continue offering excellent quality service lakeside
  2. It was very sad all what happened, he was a really nice and smart guy, I know Abby his wife for 15 years... and by the way they are about to have a baby girl!
  3. I am not the owner anymore. I believe that should be done by the affected ones, hopefully they are working on that.
  4. Hi everyone this is Miguel, former owner of Benno┬┤s, I may also not have many post in webboard but it doesnt mean I am not real, here is post from me from 2015 8 years ago I bought Benno's from Benno and I ran it for 6 years. Then it was just a small repair shop in the carretera next to Bruno's. Me together with Justin, Xander and Jamie whom I hired later on, we changed Benno's into a new concept including Apple repairs and a computer store. Soon we moved to Libramiento where Benno's is located now. In June 2017 I was about to close Benno's as my son was born and it was impossible to be going from Guad to Ajijic every day. I believe many people that are reading this post know me and my work in Benno's for years. I'm certified computer engineer and I made sure to transfer the business to the right person which is Frank who demonstrated to have the right credentials who then hired Luis as an employee. Business was going good. Few days ago I received some pictures from video surveillance of what happened and how Luis left the store. It is not just customer computers as Al Berca may believe, there were many products, all the repairing hardware and even the register. Seriously? Who gets the register... If someone wants to do his own thing, then start from zero as Benno did 15 years ago, and not by getting stuff and contacts from an already established place that took years to be made and run successfully. Frank told me he even took a fake letter to Telcel to change Benno's cellphone on his name to capture all Benno's clients. That is not how you start a business. And you talk about honesty. Really? I believe there is karma, and maybe Luis has a different understanding of concepts. But you deserve to know both sides of the story and actual facts that do not lie. I'm sorry for going so much into details. I usually don't write or comment much but this pisses me off. Benno's was my little baby that I gave up and this really hurts. Thanks everyone for your support and I'm available if you have any questions
  5. Hi this is Miguel, Bennos owner. Since I am not able to come to Ajijic anymore and Justin is moving to Canada, I had Bennos for sale for a month but unfortunately we were not able to find a person so far that can continue the business. If you know someone interested please let me know. I would really like this business to continue since it started 15 years ago with Benno and we have became a solid business lakeside. We are only asking for a payment for all the products, tools and furniture and a person with very good knowledge about computers. If we are able to sell the business I will keep you posted and make sure that new owners will be qualified to provide you with an excellent service. We do have a clearance up to 70% off entire store and 20% off all services
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