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  1. I think you are hearing about lower Riberas, and where Giltner lives - the west end. Upper Riberas where I live has clean water from the new well, dependable power, dependable internet and telephone. Please be careful when you slam an entire area.
  2. Strom-White includes brokerage services in their quote. It is all inclusive with the only extra being optional insurance. We had our household goods including furniture moved from Colorado to here 5 years ago by Strom-White. Everything arrived in perfect condition. We felt the price was reasonable. There was a slight delay at the border, but we expected that. All in all, a very good experience.
  3. I was there for the 1989 Loma Prieta quake in San Francisco. Having been a resident of California only about 6 months at the time, all I can say is it was darn scary! There they always said it was safer to get under a sturdy table or doorway than to run outside. Here, I would say just the opposite. The ceilings up north are not made of brick and cement like they are here. Also, a ceiling fan above your bed can be dangerous, but I'll wager almost all of us have them and love them. I pray that if we get a bad one here it is during the day and not the night. The way we have to lock ourselve
  4. That was a mud/rock slide caused by a huge downpour in the hills above (summer of 2007). It wasn't an earthquake. I don't know if the debate was ever settled as to whether this was precipitated by the filling-in of natural drainage arroyos by the developer.
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