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  1. I think you are hearing about lower Riberas, and where Giltner lives - the west end. Upper Riberas where I live has clean water from the new well, dependable power, dependable internet and telephone. Please be careful when you slam an entire area.
  2. Strom-White includes brokerage services in their quote. It is all inclusive with the only extra being optional insurance. We had our household goods including furniture moved from Colorado to here 5 years ago by Strom-White. Everything arrived in perfect condition. We felt the price was reasonable. There was a slight delay at the border, but we expected that. All in all, a very good experience.
  3. We went there today after noon. They were open! Found exactly what we were looking for at a great price. I didn't see if they have towel racks - there are a lot of unique items, and a good possibility they would have some.
  4. I don't recall if there were towel bars, but the will custom make anything you want.
  5. Thanks! Guess we'll try again. It's a bit of a drive from here just to go out there and turn-around, though. They do have some very unique items and we think they are most likely to have something like what we are looking for.
  6. There is a shop which sells artistic iron work from a factory in Guadalajara. Located west of Ajijic by a few miles on the south side of the carretera. Has a giant yellow bird cage out front. I went by last Friday, but it was closed with only the giant bird cage (suppose that always stays out). The sign is still on the building Does anyone know if this shop is still open?
  7. I've never SEEN a Telmex phone book! When we moved here and setup our phone service I asked for one in the Telmex office. Got the usual "No hay" reply. I guess it might be a reason to drop by the office next time I'm in the vicinity.
  8. If you sniff the fish he sells, you'll find that they do not have an odor. They are very good quality. I think the smell comes from the melting ice in the fish pans, which drains somewhere and must be getting warm this time of year. Less people would be scared-off if he put some clorox in the bucket (or whatever he uses to catch the drainage). Just my opinion. I buy fish there and have never had anything with even a slight off odor.
  9. I was there for the 1989 Loma Prieta quake in San Francisco. Having been a resident of California only about 6 months at the time, all I can say is it was darn scary! There they always said it was safer to get under a sturdy table or doorway than to run outside. Here, I would say just the opposite. The ceilings up north are not made of brick and cement like they are here. Also, a ceiling fan above your bed can be dangerous, but I'll wager almost all of us have them and love them. I pray that if we get a bad one here it is during the day and not the night. The way we have to lock ourselves in to keep the bad guys out is not very conducive to getting out quickly!
  10. That was a mud/rock slide caused by a huge downpour in the hills above (summer of 2007). It wasn't an earthquake. I don't know if the debate was ever settled as to whether this was precipitated by the filling-in of natural drainage arroyos by the developer.
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