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  1. With that you can now get motion detector 110 volt LED light units that will do that too.
  2. I have some I brought down from nob. They're terrific. There are much higher capacity batteries you can get to put in them too that can make it through the night - much better than the batteries that come with them.
  3. I think that applies to just about everyone. Why not ask him if you need to pay extra for Sundays?
  4. The laundromat south of Handy Mail in San Antonio did ours no problem, I think it was 95 pesos.
  5. Keep in mind that larger rims will throw off your speedometer readings fwiw.
  6. Does that also work on the "micro/mini" ants as well?
  7. Ortho Ant Stop Plus powder from Walmart has worked really well for me. Works fast and so far hasn't hurt my plants. You want to find their nest if you can - follow their trail and nail them, good luck.
  8. roughly across the street from S&S Auto in Riberas
  9. You might also look into using octane boost and price compare the difference using it versus 91 octane.
  10. Yes, that's the one I like and use in Firefox, thanks CG
  11. If you're using Firefox it has available a built in free adblocker that works well for me but not sure what to use on other browsers.
  12. They're fairly rare around here and certainly not cheap but S&S had one about a month ago, also there's a used bike shop close to and across the street from Soriana, but you're more likely to find one in Guadalajara. I bought an older 2003 150 cc Chinese scooter about 3 months ago that I'm going to se-sell, but haven't decided on a price yet along with a couple of helmets. It's cosmetically a bit rough but runs quite well and only has 3,800 km on it with a Jalisco plate, One thing I learned the hard way (a $2500 peso lesson) is not to buy anything without a local license plate. Joco seems to be the scooter capital around here.
  13. For myself a least - even after telmex said I was on the list to get my own line installed it seemed I got faster service by repeatedly going into their office weekly to make an inquiry as to when it would actually happen, and sure enough I got my line in Riberas after 2 or 3 visits fwiw. Seems like bugging them works.
  14. I have to agree - ESun is a pleasure to deal with. When I had my system installed I was told they don't offer battery backup at all, which is kind of sad as I get frequent outages but what can you do. I certainly don't regret opting for solar - especially since after only 3 to 4 years it pays for itself.
  15. there is a hardware store closer than (probably san antonio) thats selling parts as I recall from my search.
  16. Just a few days ago someone mentioned where rainbird parts could be found - just do a site search
  17. Hopefully no one found a way to use it or did an identity theft on it!
  18. It' s almost directly across the street from Super Lake in San Antonio, but this place was exhaustively discussed just a couple of weeks ago - so you may want to read that.
  19. I don't know about any new rulings or requirements but do know there's a photocopying service there on site.
  20. Has anyone noticed yet if the price was increased and if so by how much?
  21. Sure, I'd like to but where to buy gas then?
  22. I bought a JVC 32" regular or basic HD 720 tv at Walmart a week ago for 3000 pesos to use as a computer monitor. If it's a smart tv it will say so on the packaging.
  23. I got on the "list" for a new phone and phone line last year, and with some persistent visits to their office once a week or so managed to get connected within a month or two (key words persistent visits).
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