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  1. There isn't much you can 'repair' on golf cart batteries outside of replacement, what do you need done to them?
  2. Very very small hail here in Riberas too, but makes me wonder if there is ever any substantial sized hail lakeside?
  3. That's like the one I saw at the dollar store directly south of Ajijic plaza with a couple of knives included.
  4. We priced out moving our goodies - expensive! We did it a similar way but bought a used van and enclosed trailer, made 2 trips, bought a new house three quarters furnished, sold what we didn't want to bring down, returned the van and trailer to Canada and sold both (for more than we got them for), but it was a lot of driving. Word of advice - try to get a place that's at least partially furnished and save a pile of money.
  5. I drove from Edmonton to Chapala and back twice last year towing a trailer, once alone and once with my partner. Both times it was a 5 day trip with only brief rest stops and napping at various highway rest areas and was very tiring. I don't remember gas costs or my exact route but it wasn't a picnic drive.
  6. Actually saw one at the "dollar store" by the Ajijic plaza yesterday just past the counter on the right by the kitchen gadgets. It came with a couple of knives - have no idea of quality or price though.
  7. Ha Ha. Probably she wouldn't have been there for the interview if she hadn't done that don't you think?
  8. I'm in lower Riberas - I've noticed my speed is gradually dropping off from almost 10 to 7.5 lately, is that a tradeoff for the higher speeds elsewhere? Is there any point calling Mexico City and if so can they do the "modem tweaking" remotely?
  9. With a little practice and playing with the flame adjustment knob it's fairly easy to achieve a nice brown color on the cheese. I usually have to do third or 1/4 rotation turns during baking to avoid burning on the rear side though. I can usually do 7 to 10 twelve inch pizzas fresh or frozen an hour, so it's obviously fast cooking CG and More Liana both put on a lot more cheese than we usually do however. We like a medium thickness crust. Next time I make some I'll try to take photos if I think of it.
  10. You might check with the outfits that do passport photos - they probably have equipment to produce photos from digital images as that's what they make their passport from, just not sure what sizes they can print.
  11. I brought down a Canadian Tire PizzaQue propane oven which makes a very good tasting pizza (frosh or frozen or even store bought frozen, probably because of the baking stones inside. It works pretty much like a commercial pizza oven. I get a lot of compliments on my pizza.
  12. Helpful info. Sadly you're right about bat houses not working here. I put one up over a year ago and never had any bats move in. Don't have any rats or mice either though. I'll have to try hanging up the shiny things as the bats empty my feeder every night if I leave it out. Seems like Mexicans don't generally hang up hummingbird feeders - wonder why..
  13. What kind of batteries? Automotive or cellular or a-aa-aaa-b-c-d-9volt? Steren across the street carries lots of batteries too.
  14. I'm not familiar with a solar cruise boat but sure familiar with the concept, and having a similar one - perhaps a little smaller here would probably make more sense due to sun strength than the one in Canada and would make a lot more people here happy than a noise maker. I like it!
  15. Agree - those owner operated boats hold quite a few people and they are much quieter than an airboat with a monster engine. Most of the owner operated boats are only 30 to 50 horse engines and skim along quite nicely and sure use a lot less fuel.
  16. I agree - keep them on the golf course where they belong unless you are prepared to equip them with appropriate lighting and seat belts for road use.
  17. I bought some across the street from the funeral parlor in Chapala recently.
  18. Having dealt with him several times I have to say I totally agree and well situated too.
  19. Glad to try to help, where did you manage to find the $13 and $24 no shipping ones? I'm always on the lookout for that kind of stuff.
  20. All I'm saying is that you MUST get your ecig supplies from a reputable source in order not to get the harmful stuff, I agree that there are - just like in many things, ingredients to avoid from poor/discounting sources. Certainly no intention to be rude or insulting was meant. Just sayin.
  21. E-cigs are far less harmful than the real thing - a very little research will prove that. Nice Vaping in Zapopan sells all kinds of ecig products with super fast delivery (free delivery on orders over 1500 pesos)
  22. Sorry, here's another for $32 that apparently does ship to Mexico:https://www.amazon.com/Hausbell-Spotlight-Rechargeable-Landscape-Waterproof/dp/B013FJR8RU and I imagine there are more there too around the same price range.
  23. I used Marco to do some iron work and was happy with his service and pricing and that he spoke enough English to get by on too. Came to my house and did the installation He's in San Antonio on Colon - 333-846-8192.
  24. $25 US will get you 2 of these rechargeable yardlights from Amazon US. They MAY go through the night, if not get the higher capacity batteries installed (do it in a couple of minutes). Only drawback is they will have to be moved out every day to recharge and then brought back in to use. They even have auto dusk till dawn on/off. I have 4 similar ones and they work great. https://www.amazon.com/180-Angle-Adjustable-Rechargeable-Waterproof-Spotlight/dp/B0157NU1QM/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1487108983&sr=8-7&keywords=rechargeable%2Bsolar%2Bgarden%2Bled%2Blight&th=1
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