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  1. 2 hours ago, mexart said:

    But aren't they terribly noisy?

    Depending on the size and power source of the hovercraft they can be noisy, but generally they are still much quieter than a rear prop swamp buggy. The really big ones are surprisingly quiet, as are the one-man small ones. It's much the same with portable generators - there can be a vast difference in the noise produced between the cheap ones to the more expensive ones.

  2. 1 hour ago, poptarte_22@yahoo.com said:

    why in the heck does this turn into a 'rant' ?   Any subject here begins ok then becomes a nasty discussion, and its just sickening!  I like La Mision and many other places here..and gee...I don't prefer others or had a bad 'experience'...so just don't go...no need to bash the hell out of anyone!!

    I couldn't agree more - the simplest things get turned into a huge discussion and so often a "rant" that it becomes annoying, oh for the good old days when it was just an information source. I appreciate the board but can't help wondering why things have to escalate.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, dennis clark said:

    I am getting a call about every 5 minutes on land linefrom a 376 766 0170. No one is on the line and I don't know how to Call back to harass them. Is there any way to block this number? Can't leave my phone unplugged. Help??

    Could be a fax calling a wrong number - if so it might just get tired of re-dialling sooner or later.

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