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  1. Don't mean to butt in but if you are a newbie here, your need for a dehumidifier mystifies me.  Perhaps if you asked how to solve a problem you have, such as a wet area that you want to dry out, etc.  you will get answers that are better suited to this area than a dehumidifier.  As soon as the rainy season stops, the humidity here will start dropping significantly.  Just trying to help and don't mean to interfere.   

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      Yo1, thanks for the suggestion (certainly no offense taken, and yes, I'm a newbie), We returned from Canada after 5 months and discovered mould on nearly everything in our house despite having people check up on the house periodically and air it out and I'm just going to try several methods to ensure that doesn't happen again, only one of which will be an auto-draining dehumidifier, along with more and improved venting an whatever else I can come up with. It's a new house and last year I had the roof resealed (again), and found some more cracks in the roof as well as some of the old cracks opening up again. Certainly that made the moisture problems in the house worse, but I figure the less humidity in the house the better whether we're here or not in my opioion.

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