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  1. 21000.OO pesos at San Francisco Funeria in Chapala
  2. Did anyone actually get someone to answer that phone number to book an appointment for bowen therapy?? I only get the answering machine and no call back .
  3. Apparently the severity increases each time there is an infection, so I can see where it would be advisable.
  4. That sounds like a good way to get into serious trouble.
  5. Perhaps a chat with the neighbors gardener could convince the gardener to drop in the occasional puck - unknown to the owner (if someone gives him the pucks).
  6. Maybe approach the neighbor an explain the situation and they'll give you a key to get in? (Or get someone with a drone to drop some in) ha ha.
  7. Another subject literally beaten to death just by posting a harmless topic imho.
  8. interesting how different peoples viewpoints are on the same thing!
  9. Well done video, thanks ezpz, shows it like it is. Also nice job rebuilding the plaza San Antonio.
  10. Lower Riberas below Mirasol Ping 84 ms Download 7.45 Mbps Upload 0.54 Mbps Don't have prior readings but in the last 3 months it has slowed from almost 10 download
  11. Depending on the size and power source of the hovercraft they can be noisy, but generally they are still much quieter than a rear prop swamp buggy. The really big ones are surprisingly quiet, as are the one-man small ones. It's much the same with portable generators - there can be a vast difference in the noise produced between the cheap ones to the more expensive ones.
  12. That would largely depend on what type of bees are involved (or wasps which are often referred to as bees).
  13. There's a huge bed store across the street from the San Antonio Walmart. I've never been in there but might be worth checking out.
  14. You could also take the whole clicker to Steren and have them open the case and install a new battery if you're not comfortable doing it - they are usually quite helpful.
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