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  1. Please be aware that once you have had shingles that they will not recur, is a myth. Some individuals are susceptible to having shingles more than once in their lifetime. This is especially true if your event was long lasting or very painful. I would recommend the shingles vaccine even if you have previously had shingles.
  2. I would prefer you let me know what you have via PM and let me know what your price it. Thanks
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion and we have already looked them over as an alternative if need be. We have had success other years due to renters having to vacate early due to health/family reasons back home. One year it was an owner that needed to return to Canada for a few weeks so fingers crossed. Thanks again!
  5. We are a young 60's retired professional couple and we are looking for a short term rental for 2 - 4 weeks in the very near future. Dates are flexible as our schedule is our own. We would only require a one bedroom, one bathroom casita or apartment preferably in, or close to Ajijic. Of course we would consider something larger but there will only be two of us staying there. The rental must be neat and clean and in good repair. Please contact us here via a PM if you either have, or know of a suitable unit for rent.
  6. Retired professional couple familiar with the Lakeside area available on short notice for up to a month at a time to watch/mind your home and/or pet. We would prefer to be closer to Ajijic but are open to other areas as well. We are tidy and clean and are pet owners ourselves. References could be provided if required by friends Lakeside. Ideally looking for the month of March but can be available at different times. We would also consider a shorter period of time depending on location and required time frame. We are Canadians living in the Toronto area in our young 60's. Contact Patricia or Edward and let's discuss your needs.
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