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  1. Are local property taxes still being paid in Chapala in the big municipal building across from the church?
  2. Are high thread-count cotton sheets available for sale anyplace Lakeside? Looking for NOB-sized Queen set.
  3. About the fly issue- I went to a zoo once that had hardly any flies or bees around their eating area. I asked what they were doing, and was told by a woman at their reception desk, after she checked with someone else, "Oscar Meyer". Huh?? They put a hole in the top of a jar and Oscar Meyer lunch meat in the bottom. The flies or bees went in and couldn't get back out.
  4. Thanks very much- we'll check out Manix!
  5. Does anyone know if a restaurant or caterer in the Lakeside area is doing roast turkey to take out? We have relatives coming for Thanksgiving and want to have a traditional dinner at our home, but don't have lots of hours to cook a turkey. Thanks!
  6. Black widow spiders are black and red and look very distinctive, have a "messy-looking" web with strong fibers, and hide in dark places. Thanks all for the tips! (Just beginning to check this out- will try not to kill others that aren't venomous.)
  7. Has anyone had experience with a good exterminator especially for black widow spiders? Thanks!
  8. For clothes (in good condition) Mia's has been a good place for us. Mia's consigns mens & womens clothes- accessories & jewelry too.
  9. Yves' Restaurant has a big pool (with fountain jets) in their garden & tables with umbrellas around the pool under the trees The water makes the setting extra beautiful!
  10. Tried an in-line water filter- fountain water was looking sparkling clean. Then we put in chlorine tabs and the water turned an orange color! A Mexican friend said that will happen when copper is present in the water when you put in chlorine tabs. We heard some people use white vinegar instead of chlorine tabs, but not about how much to use (our fountain is 8' across at the bottom and has one 2nd level) This year has been by far the most problematic in the last 7 yrs. for our fountain! Thanks all for the tips! If anyone knows about how much vinegar to use and how often you need to add more???
  11. The water coming from the street at our casa in Ajijic has had lots of sediment in it this past year (more than the last 4 years)- our fountain filter is functioning but can't collect all the sediment. The only way we have been able to clean it is to drain it and start over. A small vacuum thing you connect to a hose to that we bought is picking up some debris on the bottom, but not working well for the sediment. The fountain is two levels & 8 ft across on the bottom level. Looking for maintenance ideas!!, thoughts about cleaning equipment & where it may be purchased lakeside (if possible). Thanks!
  12. I bought one here lakeside- not sure if it was at Soriana or the dollar store on the Ajijic plaza. I think it was the dollar store. White, canvas-type cotton & inexpensive.
  13. Fascinating and informative regarding corn tortillas and the differences in taste and nutritional value. We are heading out to find Tortelleria Elena.
  14. I remember having good mole at at El Zapote in Chapala. Heading east on the carretera to Chapala, go straight through the main traffic light and it's a few blocks down the street on the left. Best to find out their hours before you go, and also if their mole is still on the menu.
  15. We go to viveros often (in Ajijic, San Juan Cosala, San Antonio, and Riberas) and have never seen bedding plants for tomatoes. Sometimes the local viveros will have single large tomato plants, sometimes even cherry tomato plants in hanging baskets. Exotica vivero has some herbs and some lettuces and chile plants. San Antonio vivero has more of a selection of herbs usually- we have found tarragon there, but not lately! The organic gardeners club mentioned by a poster above sounds worth checking into, as well as the vivero in Jocotepec- haven't been to that one yet.
  16. Just an observation! I vote for good pizza in Ajijic Centro.
  17. There are a few reasons (besides making good pizza) why a well-run pizza place can succeed in the heart of ajijic village: #1 Lots of people living here, and visiting, don't have cars. #2 The super-blinding headlights at night on the carretera. #3 Very low blood/alcohol allowed for driver if you like wine or beer or a margarita with your pizza. #4 lots of traffic on the highway, especially on weekends.#5 Pizza is a big favorite for people of all ages and tastes, is easy to share, and when you eat it, it feels like a party.
  18. The Guadalajara Reporter (May 5-11) has an article on the front page "Chapala police chief activates hotline for English speakers". The number is a cell phone to make direct contact with an English-speaking police officer, which will operate 24/7. It is for EMERGENCIES only, not for public nuisances like loud music or barking dogs. The number is 33-1360-8600. Add the prefix 045 if dialing from a land line. note: Complaints about barking, loud music, etc, may be reported in person or by phone at police headquarters in Chapala (765-444)
  19. It seems that a well-run pizza business catering to foot-traffic can pack them in here in Ajijic Village. Just an observation.
  20. I love hearing the first rainbird! Heard it while having dinner at Yves' on Sunday April 15th.
  21. Thanks everyone for the good tips!! Your help is much appreciated.
  22. We are in the process of moving our old stacked washer/dryer from a closet in our kitchen ( more shelf space will be great) to our garage. We will get new appliances, and also want to install a deep double utility sink in our laundry area. The sink will be for washing rugs, filling mop buckets, etc. So far all we can find locally are slightly deep kitchen sinks (9-9.5") that are stainless steel (expensive) or composite high-end (also expensive). Tio Sam, Home Depot & Costco in Guadalajara don't have what we want. Someone suggested a place called Barcocina in Guad. but their website indicates they sell mostly countertops. Anyone know where to look for an inexpensive double utility sink????
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