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  1. Re DAIRY QUEEN ... So, you don't appreciate all those wonderful naturally infused flavours of raspados, paletas, nieves de garrafa? Casera, traditional and homemade? Using all the fruits, berries, and nuts available locally? Not in favour of supporting the local economy??? The 50 flavours of Michoacana Ice-cream not enough for you? Nor the local Romeo y Julieta, real Italian gelato? That would indeed be the blizzard to knock out the livelihood of hard-working families. If you really need it badly enough, I believe there are 3 locations in Guadalajara where your wish would be granted and with a population of 5 million to support the blizzard giant.
  2. I'd say fronting on the water. Has a short duration buffet @ 12:00, at a cost of 100 pesos. Not tried it but good reviews I've heard. No. The smaller breakfast place quite separate is El Arbol de Cafe, aka, the Coffee Tree. A popular morning ritual for locals.
  3. Very complicated instructions - but I know where and what you mean. No longer El Quetzal. Now called Merendero Chapala https://www.facebook.com/Merendero-Chapala-512032965670521/
  4. Hmm... the year 2107 does seem a long way off - but plenty of time to gather research. On the other hand, if 2017, in reality, is only 6 months away. Generally, pet sitting is not a paid position but often get to live in lovely home with garden, perhaps a pool with maintenance, gardener and cleaning service. Nice perks. The rental management experience may be a better option and of benefit to those who are living here a short time of the year or frequently travel and would be happy with no worries management.
  5. Coca Cola is your friend. Let us know how it works out! Cheers! https://snapguide.com/guides/remove-rust-with-coca-cola/
  6. Slow down, relax! The type of furniture you currently own, you should indeed bring here. Quality furnishings and things you've loved and lived with belong with you. Here. They cannot be replaced, no matter what advice you've been given, you'll be a month of Sundays scrambling and feel quite wretched with frustration. The opinion of others may mean they place little or no value on functional items... I, as you, could not possibly live without my collections of Turkish carpets and kilims, textiles, fixtures, well-constructed upholstered furniture, art and paintings.... etc.... "I am starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better to ship some of our NOB furniture and furnishings down...We have two barely used, very elegant Pottery Barn leather recliners, wonderful Oriental rugs that we kept around our beds, kitchen hardware and gadgets (I challenge you to try and find a butter knife!) that just can't be purchased locally. Some of our NOB furniture is banana leaf, water hyacinth, and dark wood like Pier One style, which MUST be available here." Your answer is in that paragraph, .. especially the hardware and butterknife!! You may find interesting things listed on Beg Buy Barter Sell for an immediate peruse. MAKE IT CASH is a storefront with a host of interesting stuff. Along with numerous local consignment shops, it is hit and miss and will take some casual visits. Forget the trip to SMA unless you like light fixtures -- found all of mine locally.
  7. Not many choices. Seems a monopoly on this specialized work. I used a plumber to re-position. A serious mistake as he did not admit he was knowledgeable and messed it up. The upside, fortunate to have an employee of the above company who worked on it after hours, connected everything just right, adjusted all the heads and re-set the damn timer which no one knows how to do!!
  8. I believe he is farther along Obregon towards Bar Tomas, left hand side of street.
  9. Re moody at Weekend, Can't put my finger on it but you can cut it with a knife. I am very sensitive to my environment and immediately feel the tension. Does he want to cut today or doesn't he? I put up with it because I get the cut I want. In earlier times, one of those girls shoved a magazine under his nose to share the laughter as he was cutting my hair. I was so incensed by the rudeness that I swivelled the chair around to stare at her for her ignorance. On account of that must be elephant memory carried over. Another time I arrived for my appointment and he told me right at the doorstep he had no time for me. Coming from Chapala only for that appt. no one could call me? Can't explain it but there is a wall of resentment. Could be ego. Could be insecurity.
  10. Dario is and has been a good hair cutter, no doubt. But there is always an air of moody discomfort in that place; a feeling of haughty distance which always makes me uncomfortable. JJ on the other hand communicates easily, readily with more up-to-the-minute cutting technique. No moody barrier here.
  11. Yes, and identified exactly that. To do with unpasteurized dairy.

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