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  1. http://www.bestmexicomovers.com/ May I suggest this local link could save you a lot of heartache and confusion.
  2. El Toro, May I suggest that there are several Spanish language schools in Morelia, Michoacan, known for immersion language learning with optional private accommodation. The best one appears to be: http://www.baden-powell.com/home; but also high on the list: http://spanishabroad.com/morelia-spanish-school/ Morelia is a lovely Colonial town in the state of Michoacan, a.k.a., the heart and soul of Mexico. With an emphasis on government sponsored cultural events is indicative of the general level of education. The information provided in the latter also notes similar affiliated schools in Guadalajara (if he wanted to be located closer to you) as well as numerous other cities and towns. Personally, I would find Guadalajara too overwhelming whereas Morelia is more intimate, walkable and easier to discover. From those two options your friend could have a look at both websites to get an idea of style and course content. Of course there are plenty other options he could research simply by Googling "Spanish Schools in Mexico" to have a broader scope. I trust this may be helpful.
  3. You will not find such a window. It will have to be custom-made and cut to your specs.
  4. Hi. I love natural stone floors and have experience in laying stone floors in shower/bath. All you need is a good albañil (stone mason). I really like the rustic look and feel on the feet. On account of a recent leak in the area outside of stone, resulted in a sizeable hole the area of vanity and claw tub was natural barro tile. Instead of trying to match the type of tile, I plan on tearing up the tilework and laying the entire bathroom with natural stone, as you describe. This is not conventional but a preference. as it is easy to care for, and the fact that natural barro does not like humidity and does take some maintenance. If you meant the pebble type, I can send you photos.
  5. Yes, there is an established well-known bonsai specialist in Chapala. https://www.facebook.com/people/Bonsai-Chapala-Cesar-Alfonso-Mendoza/100007763327609
  6. A few metres before the pedestrian overpass.
  7. After posting that tidbit of information, I realized the poster was asking about obtaining a new (first time) Mexican Driver License. In that case, the info will only be useful to those up for Renewal to take advantage of the convenience as well as saving quite a few pesos for a facilitator.
  8. Dear Grateful, You are in luck. It happens now and then that a service comes into CHAPALA - but we never know when! Pity I am missing this rare opportunity as I had renewed mine in Tlaquepaque two weeks ago - and paid a facilitator. I assume you have the list of docs and photocopies required. You can do this yourself. Seniors have priority in the queue -- just establish that as you arrive. Presidencia Antigua is the ochre colour historical building on the corner at the main traffic lights as you enter Chapala. Atención ⚠🚗🚘 Renovación Licencias de conducir 23 de julio Chapala presidencia antigua CURP INE COMPROBANTE DE DOM PAGO EN RECAUDADORA llevar documentos antes de la fecha escrita gracias! ATTENTION ⚠🚗🚘 Renewal Driving licences 23 July chapala old presidency Curp Ine Proof of Dom Payment in authorities Take documents before the written date thank you!
  9. Once was enough. If the chef is from Rome, one would expect a master at pasta and sauces. Wife is Mexican from Guadalajara. The kid was an annoyance rudely asking, "do you know what you want?" before I've had a chance to read the menu. Chile sauce on an Italian table?? Furthermore, a glass of Pinot Grigio at a whopping 80 mxp. whilst it is 60 mxp. at most establishments that carry that particular mark. That is an enormous mark-up.
  10. You don't have to go to Guadalajara. There are plenty of shops in Chapala that specialize in those dresses. On Degollado, just off Fr. Madero you'll see plenty of confections gracing the street... and there are more like it. Also, Terry's Tianguis consignment shop on Hidalgo coming into Chapala, left hand side, has a huge selection of fancy confections as well. Only worn once - a very good buy!
  11. There are two locations for glass specialists side by side on the carretera, Ajijic. One is called ViLuMa. https://www.facebook.com/Vidrieria-Viluma-1530700720521646/
  12. For all the singing praises in exalt of Luis Miramontes, booked well in advance, he forgot all about me - and I live in his Chapala neighbourhood!!! Goes without saying, never again for the stress.
  13. Dear CCW, It is pathetic you are on your own to discover the town of Chapala. Chapala holds many attractive features unbeknownst to recent arrivals which for some reason or another are not voluntarily offered as an optional place to reside. Please, do not let that deter you. The promoters of Ajijic are wired within a radius of a goldfish bowl.. Unfortunately, that does not not extend beyond certain parameters to see another world. I would be willing to spend an afternoon with you to become acquainted with Chapala. Under construction, some roads are not accessible at this point in time however, it is still manageable to see much beyond the inconvenience.
  14. tzevi


    Coronitas are available at La Avenida in Chapala. Love the size. Drive just past Pemex, stay in the left lane and you will see La Avenida in front of you as you make the turn. Big Corona signage.
  15. There is a product called "Quita Gota". Found wherever auto cleaning products are sold.
  16. Re nuisance doorbell, as a suggestion, I have a simple intercom system to pick up the receiver to ask who is there. Generally if they ring twice, it is someone I know or expected delivery etc. At a certain hour of day I know it is kids and don't bother. You could put up a notice, "no solicitación" or similar notice to eliminate the majority of rings. The system is available with a view screen as well if you want to spend more to see your caller. Ilumina y Decora beside Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio carries the system and will probably install for you. Believe I bought mine from a security service some years ago and paid about $100..Dollars more or less for the minimalist version. Anyone you know would have your telephone contact to call you if they are standing at the door.
  17. Please............. before you judge, could you please read Deborah's post just above, "Need a Painter?" and then my response to it. When Andres Nuñez came to my door approx. 4 months ago, it was the day after the night his wife could not breathe. An experienced house painter of many years he quoted me 60 pesos/hr. which is more realistic. It is obvious with the "special offer of 20 pesos/hr", he is now desperate! Very desperate. To have him come to you for a day to test his skills would be a very gracious and honourable gesture. I am almost positive he would know all about "prep, masking, drop sheets and brushing", along with fancy tools, equipment, 8 metre ladder and quality brushes. Please pay his bus fare as it is obvious why he was hitching a ride. Then, by all means, do come back to us with a report. Andres is a kind, gentle man who has just lost his wife and mother of two young children. He is very proud, not asking for a hand-out - only to be working again - perhaps within a network of people who have it in them to reach out and be supportive. He will even wash your car to gain a little bit of self-pride. Have a heart. (In case you were asking), as far as myself, I've been under raw construction for that length of time and haven't as yet arrived at the painting stage. However, have kept his contact info with good intention - and indeed is very good to hear "tombo" speak so well of him. Andres will need to build self-esteem and confidence as his skills have obviously been tested in his own testament. Undoubtedly, he will try that much harder to please someone as professional as yourself.
  18. I know this gentle proud man, Andreas Nuñez. He came to my door with photos of his children, telling me his wife could not breathe during the night, that he had managed to get an ambulance and sadly wept. Although a house painter, he offered to do any kind of work. At the time, he was living on Emiliano Zapata, Chapala. I had looked for him at that address and often wondered about him. Sad and true story, appears he's been dealing with a lot of grief and now must fend for the children.
  19. Hmmmm......... pretty complex mechanism in a genuine antique clock of considerable value..... takes a delicate hand, intricate knowledge and skill to undertake such repair. Wondering about your experience and how incompetence could possibly be concluded. FYI, he can also do camera repairs.
  20. Corner of Morelos/16 Septiembre, yellow storefront, Ajijic, don't be fooled by the messy shop. He took apart my Westminster antique clock, cleaned every oxidized part, got the chimes going -- all in very short time-span. He knows his work.
  21. Thank-you for that perfectly accurate explanation. Honesty certainly beats a wildly spun fantasy.
  22. No, but I can review the mahi-mahi and the following week, a rib-eye steak to the tune of 180 mxp. Excessively salted meat means it has been kept in storage in salt brine of some sort - same for the fish.. If they don't do a turnover, it has to be preserved somehow, seems to me refrigeration cooling may not be enough to extend the life. Mahi-mahi, wonderful presentation, quantity far more than necessary, looking fantastic if not for the brine salted matter that destroyed it. Owner's explanation for the fish, "Oh, ...when the mahi-mahi swim out into deeper waves,....... they become more salty"!!!!! Yes, really.......spin me another....Bizarre story, but good try to placate me with that fantasy. I've been having the same mahi-mahi at Lake Taco Palapa some years at lunch time. Smaller portion, a la parilla with piping hot chips and I season it myself. Natural and sweetly fresh as fish should be. Does not come out of salt storage. As for the chamorro, who could tell how many days it's been simmering? as long as it falls off the bone, it may be great but I am not a fan of pork.
  23. Morelia - some reading material here from 2015. http://www.20yearshence.com/morelia-most-beautiful/
  24. Well, let me tell you, Miramontes forgot all about me when scheduled to pick up a friend arriving from Colombia! Booked far in advance and I am his neighbour! Go figure!
  25. Responding to "Cielo", I too would be very interested in more information, and thanks. What I've gathered thus far, no clubby groupie enclaves. Simply living, without obligation of belonging to any formation of any kind. Surrounded by historical buildings and a university is a calling for superb cultural events. Lots of established cafés, restaurants etc. "Morelia is the capital of the central Mexican state of Michoacán. The colonial city center's narrow streets are lined with well-preserved 17th- and 18th-century buildings built from the region’s characteristic pink stone. One such building is the imposing, baroque-style Morelia Cathedral. Its elegant, soaring twin towers preside over the city’s main square, Plaza de Armas." Next, I'd want to look into real estate and will do a research, then a visit.
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