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  1. There is a sizable lending library at the American Legion Post #7, Calle Morelos, in Chapala, They accept donations of slightly used books.
  2. We are thinking of going over and staying at a hotel for a couple nites and looking for a cabana to rent for a month or two during upcoming "hot" season. Does any one have suggestions? We would like somewhere with "tres b's", Bueno, Bonita y Barato. (Good, Pretty, and Cheap) Thanks
  3. I probably should have added that I am also interested in going to a Charros baisbol game. I doubt if this will generate much cutural opinions though.
  4. Thank-you Soloajijic for the offer, sent you a pm. Nice point Xena! I guess if I introduce a topic that motivates people, it is good, and good for post priority. Something I have observed that keeps me impartial to a lot of arguments is. " The only person's opinion that is 100% right is their own"
  5. I am looking for someone interested in going to the bullfights in Guadalajara this month and knows the way there. I could drive, but am a newbie with no Guadalajara driving expierence. I am NOT interested in your opinion of bullfighting. I neither condone nor oppose it. I would just like to expierence one live. Thanks.
  6. I have a Capitol 360 card. I understand they will only charge no ATM fees at Allpoint ATMs. Are there any other Allpoint ATMs in Chapala other than the OXXO by the malecon? Does the no ATM fee apply to other Banorte ATMs such as at Sorianos? Thanks
  7. Sorry if a little off topic, but I've been wondering what the approximate cost of a decent Flamenco style guitar in Paracho be? Thanks
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