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  1. It's the time of year when the shelters are receiving an increase in requests to take abandoned dogs and puppies. As a result, we are usually perpetually full. To compound things, many of our volunteers are snowbirds and leave this time of year to go north, so we are usually understaffed. We receive several requests daily and we simply cannot accommodate them all. If we refuse to take a dog you've rescued, please try to understand it is for good reason. Overcrowding is not good for the safety or health of the dogs. In addition, it can cause disease and (worse yet) result in the need to quarantine. If that happens, it is not only bad for the shelter under quarantine, but hurts all the shelters and rescuers in the area. If you choose to rescue a dog, you should consider that dog now belongs to you until you are able to rehome it on your own, or are fortunate enough that a spot opens at a shelter. I assure you that it is at least as difficult for us to refuse your rescue as it is for you to hear that from us. If you are heading NOB soon, it's probably not a good idea to rescue a dog that you can't take with you. Thank you all for your understanding.
  2. I second Dr. Daniel Hernandez at Integrity Clinic. My husband and I saw other urologists in the area, but only Dr. Hernandez was able to properly diagnose and treat us. The others just wasted our money and time on bad diagnoses.
  3. Tried to send an e-mail to the address in your message and it says it doesn't exist. I'll PM you.
  4. We have driven that route a few times. We overnight in Pharr and then do one more night in San Luis Potosi the next night. You can do the Mexican portion in one day if you leave very early from Pharr, but we like to leisurely drive and avoid night time driving and the trip from SLP the next day is only 4-5 hours. There are multiple hotels in SLP and we haven't done it since the new northern toll road was finished, so others may have more current data on hotels there.
  5. You can drive it. We are in the same situation. However, when you do the TIP when you bring the car, be sure to tell them you will be driving the car. They will note that in the paperwork because only you and he will be able to drive it when you are down here.
  6. I buy pot roast at Tony's all the time. As mentioned by another poster, you just ask for "pot roast". They'll know what you need.
  7. According to TOB, they were mistaken and no owner has been found. Dog is up for adoption by the woman that took it from the Ranch.
  8. Agree. He did surgery on my husband for both prostate AND kidney stones. He also treated me for recurring UTIs that no one else here could figure out. We used Fabian before, but only use Dr. Hernandez now. He gives you choice of hospitals. We used Hospital County 2000. We had a great experience. PM me if you want additional info.
  9. We just transferred all our retirement accounts to TD Ameritrade from Fidelity a couple of months ago because Fidelity doesn't like you to live outside the U.S. TDA is fine with us living in Mexico. We looked at Schwab as well, but ended up settling with TDA. Both are fine with you living in Mexico. (However, all of them DO restrict residency to certain countries. Luckily Mexico is cool.)
  10. Actually, to clarify, ACA and Medicare Part B have the same exception for non-U.S. residents. I wish I could remember how we first discovered this two years ago when we moved here (my husband was already on Medicare, but I was not), but it was confirmed by our tax guy at the time. If you check the box on your tax form that says you were out of the country for at least 330 days in the previous year, you will not be penalized later for not having Medicare Part B, nor will you be penalized for not having ACA (if you are younger than 65). If we move back to the U.S. when we are, say, 80 years old, and then sign up for Medicare Part B, then we will not pay higher premiums for not having it while out of the country. Hopefully that is clearer. Our tax guy down here confirmed that same to us.
  11. However, just like if you are younger and fall under the ACA, if you don't live in the U.S. more than 330 days in a year, you do not suffer the 10% penalty later if you do move back and need to get Part B.
  12. Thanks CG, I wondered about that.
  13. We just called ours 'the pool monster'. Our dog thought it was her job to make sure it stayed in the pool and would stalk it the entire time we had it running. I think the reason they don't sell them here may have to do with the pool filters they use. I'm guessing, but perhaps an automatic cleaner doesn't lend itself to sand filters?
  14. I've had it at Red Lobster in Guadalajara near the Andares Mall. Don't know of any place locally though.
  15. Thanks Mostly Lost. No, it is not DAC. We had two meters (two accounts). One was DAC, that account was completely closed. The other account was never DAC. It is that account that continues with our solar power. I'll wait one more cycle. If it is still 75, I'll go ask them about it. Thanks!
  16. We got solar about 6 months ago (10 panels). We have received two bills so far. Both bills were for 2 months and both showed zero net usage. We are making far more than we are using. But the minimum charge we had to pay for 2 months was 75 pesos. Why are all the others only paying 46 pesos for 2 months? I realize it's a small thing, but it seems odd that every one else I talk to that has solar panels is paying 46 minimum and we are paying 75 minimum. Anybody else out there paying 75 minimum and know why?
  17. This is getting confusing. First you must have the top portion with "Permanent Resident" written in block letters on the top as you'll need it when you return, then TelsZ4 says the agent threw that part away. We've never flown out since we moved here, but will be doing so in October. So this topic is important to us. Which is it? Why did that agent throw it away if it's so important to get back in? I hope someone can clear this up.
  18. I would also like the contact info for SmartPV. Can someone PM me that info? Thank you!
  19. We have a U.S. registered vehicle and have renewed the registration for another year. However, it is not clear to me if Mexico requires a smog inspection for foreign registered vehicles. The state in which it is registered does not require it unless the car comes back into the U.S., then we have 3 days to get it inspected. We have no plans to return to the U.S. anytime soon. Anybody know if we need to have it smog inspected for Mexican purposes? (There is not a separate smog inspection sticker for our state. However it cannot be registered without a smog inspection UNLESS it is not in the U.S.)
  20. No crowns, but cavities filled and very happy with her.
  21. I'll be interested to hear what you find out. We have guests coming in a couple of weeks that are kayakers and might want to do some kayaking while they are visiting.
  22. Thanks everyone for your great references. I'll let my friends know. They are on the younger side of "senior" and so I'm not sure what they are looking for, but all this info is great to forward to them. Thank you!
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