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  1. Is it possible you meant Mezcala? Don't know of a place called Mascota, but maybe others do.
  2. Both the Pemex in Riberas and the one at the end of the Libramiento heading towards Guadalajara had gas this morning. I got some at the latter and they only had premium (roja). The line looks intimidating, but I only waited about 15 minutes.
  3. I'm sure that's true Rick. Actually, this was a very old car, in very bad shape, so we only expected "junk value" for it. Even Carmax's offer was more than we'd hoped. We had to drive it up anyway for other reasons, so we are pleased all around.
  4. Thank you all! We went to both Carmax and Tx Auto Direct. Both gave us offers good for 7 and 10 days respectively. Both have multiple locations around Houston. The latter offered twice what Carmax offered, so we took it. So happy I asked you guys! Thank you!
  5. I tried to find the post, but cannot. I have to go permanente soon, so we drove our car NOB this week to Houston and will sell it here before we leave, and then fly back. Someone posted recently that they had sold their car to a place near the Houston airport (IAH), and then hopped on a plane back. But I can't remember where they sold it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Carmax. Can anyone help?
  6. Lived in Chapala Haciendas for 3 years and my doorbell has never rung on Halloween, nor have I seen or heard any children on the streets that night. I think it's neighborhood-dependent.
  7. Natasha, I too would like to know how you handle scorpions. We are up on the mountainside and unless we fumigate for scorpions regularly, we are inundated with them. What do you use to keep scorpions out of the house? Sticky traps don't work.
  8. That is scary. I have started slowing down to allow them to pass me to avoid potential accidents, but clearly that won't help if you are already stopped. Yikes.
  9. I brought my 2017 car to get an emissions test this week and the guy told me the test is not necessary in the second year. I had never heard this from anyone, but he insisted it's not necessary the second year and that I needed to just come back in 2019. Anyone with a 2017 car told the same thing?
  10. I live in CH2 also. The CC&Rs are outdated on that. A few weeks ago it changed. The pickup is Tues, Thurs, and Sat. They typically come sometime in the afternoon, and as late as 7 p.m. Garden refuse is picked up any of those days now. I think the garden refuse may need to be in bags now. But I can't guarantee that.
  11. Also sent you a PM if the others don't work out.
  12. Wookie, I just sent you a PM about this, but it's not clear that it went through. I'm looking for more information on the hacienda wit the underground restaurant. Thanks.
  13. I will get some help. I don't know how to "send to 2222". I can only respond to the original message.
  14. Bellon is a broker. He can work with several insurance companies. Thank you all for your input. I will continue with research and will make a decision.
  15. Do you type the 2222 in the message box along with the baja?
  16. They sell a few. We have Metlife and GNP now and they are among the ones they sell.
  17. Does anyone have experience with Isaac Seguros brokers in San Antonio? I've been impressed with the clarity of their explanations and am thinking about using them for our health insurance, but have only seen one review of them here or on Facebook. Would love to hear about any experiences. Thanks!
  18. Yes, check with Bellon (directly across the carreterra from Superlake) for your options. My husband and I both have private insurance, from two different companies. Mine is a Mexican company and my husband's is US based. But both of us had 2 year waiting periods for some conditions. I think most have waiting periods for certain conditions. But I also think I remember that it depends on your medical history. Talk to Bellon for your particular situation.
  19. I live in CH too and have a great one. I just PM'd you.
  20. Thank YOU MtnMama. We appreciate the support of our fellow shelters. You guys do an amazing job and we are so fortunate to have the Ranch here Lakeside.
  21. I work at Lucky Dog. But the lakeside shelters all experience this every year and lament how sad it is that we cannot do more. My words are my own, but I would be surprised if any lakeside shelters would argue that they are not true.
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