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  1. why? what help are details going to offer? JOE BOB SYKES WAS DENIED ENTRY TODAY AT 8:45 AM AT THE CNACINTA OXXO. oh yeah that really helps
  2. i get that it is appparently not that easy to get infected. then why are record numbers of people getting infected every single day. are there truly that many $%&/()os out there
  3. it specifies returning to the US so i am guessing it is an antigen test and not a pcr. well that and the price
  4. i did not say they were not an asset. they have done many good things. but over the years with the over the top leadership they have also fallen into many bad ways inclduing making ludicrous plans for second stories and elevators and off campus building and reducing interraction with locals and this current baloney. no barrel of apples is all good or all bad but too many rotten ones keeps me from buying the barrel
  5. am i to now apologize to you for being serious? or are you just here to continue wheedling and annoying. you dont have to agree with me but you sure as heck dont have to be nasty about it. try and stay on track
  6. the virus has to move from place to place, person to person to spread. if nobody moves neither does the virus and it dies out. keep that in mind. not even science. just common sense
  7. xorry xena that is just a childish attack. i am serious. to change the wording at the first sign of difficulty froma long standing policy is simply wrong. this involves a serious policy change which means a meeting of the board and a vote. as in any group with written stnadards just one more reason i stopped my membership years ago
  8. sure if they stop saying this Gringal: as you know LCS Medical services are available to ALL residents. Membership is not required.
  9. where is the passenger window behind the driver. you mean the rear window?
  10. elitism. favoratism. completely against the stated purpose of the place
  11. then go into the office because if they cant tell you that then they have no contract and you will never get it installed
  12. rick is right. the only time staying logged incould be a problem is if someone else gets on your computer.
  13. so wait. lcs medical services are avaialble to ALL residents unless there are too many of them is that it?
  14. i have seen them in most drugstores and at teh front of the soriana drugstore. all kinds masks
  15. oh so he can poop on me for no reason but i cant tell him to stop. talk about two faced. and you are not a mod so stop trying to be a mod in one final attempt to keep this thread on track i will say this. la pacena has improved a LOT since it was a FISH JOINT. adding a fine drinks menu was another good try by management to keep it moving forward. it didnt work. meh. sloppy day management deserves to be comlained about otherwise it will continue
  16. Okay, let me retype that. He's talking about you, wingnut. Now, stick to the topic and stop farting on every thread. I know it will be difficult, because you have no idea about that which you speak. You have destroyed another thread with your incompetence and narcissism. Happy now with my spelling, grammar, and punctuation???????????????????????????? La Paceña generally deserves a much higher rating than your flippant and insulting "fish joint" comment. You do "not understand the OP's beef"? Well, let's point out you were not the subject or the object of the story. So let the OP
  17. you have no idea what you are talkinga bout. the quality and concept of trhe food in this place has risen quite a bit over the last ocuple of years. A FISH JOINT indeed
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