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  1. Upfront

    Milpa Corn?

    yes this is elote. good for eatin.
  2. Upfront

    Milpa Corn?

    selling yellow corn in ajijic too
  3. i do think its useful to tell you. it may be a little more obvious to everyone else though
  4. i get it and my answer still applies. but instead of asking for help you suggest in this and other corn beef threads that it will be OUR fault. not the best way to win friends
  5. no i really think you dont understand. right over your head. a shame too. you seem articulate. so keep complaining about everyone. we live for it oh remember the topic is masks. not you. masks
  6. it was half and half. be much better at the restaurant while fresh and hot. egg roll was realy good.
  7. he knows how to advertise. very few people on this board
  8. is unfortunate that some people continue to do exaclty what they complain about in others. troll rinse repeat
  9. another self-appointed guardian on patrol here
  10. so getting a scam call locally is not local crime. okay then. no crime reporting on this board. SOMEbody has to moderate since you have decide to become chief justice and make the legal rules now. guess you never heard of INTENT.
  11. i think we all know whereit came from. especially after having seenit here 50 times in the last few weeks.
  12. why in hell would i joke about somehting like that. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/swastika-masks-in-walmart-couple-banned-minnesota/
  13. she always has an answer. talk abouty overusing a phrase. meantime have you seen the couple in a walmart wearing swasticka masks. now thats something to talk about
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