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  1. that is gummint though. nothing to do with stockholders. the true reason for the solar bs everywhere is most of the companys are too damm lazy to refit themselves and want to just keep sucking in money from out of date technologies.
  2. obviously and no one was claiming any different. and why would anybody start looking underground before checking the connections anyway. you overstated your case.
  3. someone splained it to you and it means nothing? why am i not surprised
  4. mostlylost used to be a nice guy for along time. he has been overtaken by the cesspool this bored has become. now like a few others on here he is just lost. i understand. i two have suffred the same fate on more than one occasio
  5. name, address, directions, phone numbers provided. who volunteers to grab a taxi and go find out
  6. so where were you. you caused this BS. about time you jumped back in
  7. i assume he was at THAT store. of course you assume he was not. i cannot get over you people. makes me want to call the police division that handles STUPID and now you dont like my number of words?!?! what else can you pull out of yuor ### to cmplain about. truly unbelieveable.
  8. i buy fresh fish all the time. must be a mircle i havent died a thousand times yet since obviously i know nothing. meanwhile goofyhombre please show us a pic of YOUR eyes
  9. it sure did have everything to do with the post. he went to the same store. saw no masks. warned us. thank him for that. maybe YOU should be the one starting a mask post
  10. there is no way to rationally respond to this diatribe.
  11. he lectured NO ONE. he posted his position on not going to a place where he saw no masks. why are you making such a big deal out of it? i will not go there either if they dont wear masks.
  12. wow, weird. yet another poster telling us how we should post and how we should think. no wonder i get in trubble when i come here. so why are YOU doling out the obvious this time
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