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  1. i guess it depends on what you are used to. i agree it looks maybe sauceless. but i know from moving around that different cities have different ideas about chilidogs and i actuallly prefer a dog that doesnt leak all over me
  2. would love to see the word that $%&/() represents. because they really are a couple of old %#^%$!
  3. one has nothing to do with the other. fales equivalence. and yes, we should foolow the CDN example in almost everything health related
  4. expected. speculated. presumed. potential. all the same. it will happen
  5. something i dont quite get here. "mexicos decision to reduce the deliver to other countries". since when does mexico make these decisions. must be poor translation from google
  6. you would blame me for their lameness? and the two dont compare anyway. one is about GETTING MONEY. have you not noticed how diligent the US has become in getting taxes from us wherever we are in the world. who says getting a shot is a US right anyway. have you ever heard of this happening before for any reason
  7. can you imagine the logistics. nah, wont happen
  8. obviously they had eaten before at the beer garden
  9. nobody actually GAF bisbee. this handful of posters just wants their point heard. they dont even care if they are right or wrong as long as they can bullheadedly make their postings
  10. no? i guess you missed teh reports of people in the west end oxxo being refused and the bigger one about the police in front of soriana doing the same
  11. oh fer chrisakes i am not arguing that. you said Actually nowhere in the rules does it say stores are not to admit people over 60. i was telling you what it DID say, whether you agree or not.
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