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  1. yeah, sure did. thats all there is worth saying about it. if you leave, maybe there will be more.
  2. yelling out fake news every damn post would make me sound pretty stoopid
  3. I do feel like a poor schmuk for being treated in such a way just because it can be agnizing to type
  4. tell that to all my cats over the years who chase and kill birds lizards and mice
  5. mostly they just have a buil in response. its nature.
  6. oh another one that wants to make fuun of my athritis. good for you.
  7. you have not helped anyone. ever. and yuour use of FAKE NEWS constantly is a reidiculous joke.
  8. your photo is fuzzy. you mean the pepinillos rebonadas with the pig on the label? and if you are saying olive is garbaqge then these must be pretty damn good. i will judge for myself if I can find a kiosk between the baker and the hotdogs. I assume you mean the island that has a variety of seeds and jars in the aisle.
  9. what kind pickles happy? I getr Mt Olive at superlake. Approaches sTTrubs and Mrs whites/ vlasics are very poor picles
  10. horse droppings. why do you persist
  11. whatever you say. but you change the subject. cats chase mice. period. humorus vids notwith standing
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