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  1. They did the same for me this week. A couple of phrases to write out by hand and sign. on a letter they provide. Including a statement about being retired. i wonder if the is necessary becaus of no req for income statements
  2. Sounds like the letter was enough to covr retirement too.
  3. I have ben to their offices and gotten a list of reqs. No proof of income for sure. M Spanish is not that great and I missed some things like this carta bajo protesta done hace peticion para obtener residencia. Is this a letter that I write that states why I want to live here. The agent did say something about they providingit. And two copies of recibo recepcion y estudio. And proof of being retired or pensioned. Unfortunatly the agent did not speak English. Not enough people in town needing the services I guess.
  4. That is semantics to the 'nth' degree. Proud of yourself? If you can't read the meaning implied then you just can't read. Or maybe you just prefr to be the horses ### that you continually seem to be Proving once again why its pontless for anyone to try and have a decent conversation on this BORED. Goodbye turkeys.
  5. So I was write all along and didn't need any of those pontless attacks. And how the h e double hockey sticks would you know what I know or how long I' ve been here.
  6. And you are one of the wors offenders. Now you calling me a troll. Thanks a lot for not helpin at all. Ask a simple question and YES the trolls doc ome out of the woodwork.
  7. I am certainly not the confusd one. I gave you a direct quote. From her site. I was asking for clarfication. I said nothing abuot early. Now all I get are taunts. No wondr this site has such a bad rep
  8. Sorry. Where dos it say that. you may become a Permanent Resident at any time in less than 4 years. To do so, you must prove 51,000 pesos / month of only pension-sourced income; no other form of income, investments nor home ownership are considered. I am missng two fingers. typing is hard. Dick.
  9. I believe you can no longr hold a Temp for more than four years
  10. here website says nothing like that. How do you know what it is now, you are gone for years.
  11. Sonia I think your info on permanente is mssing some info. Once you have a valid temp you can apply for a perm without more proof on income, corect?
  12. Thaks. I searched Sonias site but still cant find info n what documents to bring thoughm, everything discusses proving finances.
  13. i see in the income/asset posts abut proving income for permanente but i thought moving from temp to perm meant yuou were already approved.
  14. it was a smart marketing move to steal the name "reporter". that has fooled many people over the past few short years. it specializes in stirring up controversy.
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