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  1. I recently received a highly malicious, defamatory and slanderous email from a fake, recently invented gmail account. I have a very good idea who is responsible but I cannot prove it. Hence my request for anybody who knows of anybody who is capable of forensically tracing the account to it's origin. Thanks Dave
  2. In many countries, second shots are called "Boosters"
  3. 4500-5000 for a test? You'll soon know either way and THAT costs nothing. Pure rip off for the gullible. Stay calm, take precautions. Just to keep this in perspective. There have been 276,000 cases recorded around the world (recorded). With a global population of 9billion this is comes out as a percentage of population as 3.067 e-6. A fantastically low figure. Deaths are way lower and 99.9% of cases in compromised individuals. This does not in anyway negate the seriousness of the virus but it does begin to question the hysteria. KEEP CALM. IT WILL END. Taking basic precautions is all you can do. Don't go overboard. The vast majority of us will not be affected.
  4. It's obviously a sign of the end of days........................
  5. We talked to the guys in the gas station and they were both adamant that the station was not responsible -- both Javier and Victor, independently. They both said that they hated them and had nothing to do with bringing cars in. Apparently ( according to them) it is all down to people living up the hill mountainside who reckoned they had to wait until they could turn left without looking. It appears that if you do not look, and own a very expensive property above, the car gets hit. So. It would appear to be an illegal fixture on a state highway - along with the runway lights. So let's just dig them up. I think they tried this a year ago with tarmac topes -- which got pulled pretty damn quick. Who knows who to complain to? Or who knows a cheap JCB driver?
  6. geeser

    Dave, I have an extra package of Natural Hog Casings. I can sell you. They are new in the pkg never opened. I'll check but think I've used all my collagen casings. I now just use plastic tubes for breakfast sausage.


  7. dgn


    They were on my next port of call!! I was hoping to try and find collagen casings of various sizes - from breakfast sausage to brat and above 🙂
  8. dgn


    Hello all Sausage makers Does anybody know where I can get sausage casings in or around Guadaljara? Amazon and Ebay can get them but it takes forever! Dave
  9. Johanson is correct. The airfield is just West of Santa Cruz but my understanding is that it is a pretty much "closed" private club airfield. If you are looking to learn to fly trikes, rent hanger space etc etc then Jalisco has, in my view, the best instructor and club/airfield in the country just East of San Marcos. Look up Kordich Airsports on Google. Pedro Kordich is an amazing instructor. I'm converting from paramotor to trike ( 2 very different beasts) with Pedro and loving it --- well worth the 45 minute trip over the mountain to get there. Let me know if I can help in any way. Dave
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