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  1. We talked to the guys in the gas station and they were both adamant that the station was not responsible -- both Javier and Victor, independently. They both said that they hated them and had nothing to do with bringing cars in. Apparently ( according to them) it is all down to people living up the hill mountainside who reckoned they had to wait until they could turn left without looking. It appears that if you do not look, and own a very expensive property above, the car gets hit. So. It would appear to be an illegal fixture on a state highway - along with the runway lights. So let's just dig them up. I think they tried this a year ago with tarmac topes -- which got pulled pretty damn quick. Who knows who to complain to? Or who knows a cheap JCB driver?
  2. geeser

    Dave, I have an extra package of Natural Hog Casings. I can sell you. They are new in the pkg never opened. I'll check but think I've used all my collagen casings. I now just use plastic tubes for breakfast sausage.


  3. dgn


    They were on my next port of call!! I was hoping to try and find collagen casings of various sizes - from breakfast sausage to brat and above 🙂
  4. dgn


    Hello all Sausage makers Does anybody know where I can get sausage casings in or around Guadaljara? Amazon and Ebay can get them but it takes forever! Dave
  5. Johanson is correct. The airfield is just West of Santa Cruz but my understanding is that it is a pretty much "closed" private club airfield. If you are looking to learn to fly trikes, rent hanger space etc etc then Jalisco has, in my view, the best instructor and club/airfield in the country just East of San Marcos. Look up Kordich Airsports on Google. Pedro Kordich is an amazing instructor. I'm converting from paramotor to trike ( 2 very different beasts) with Pedro and loving it --- well worth the 45 minute trip over the mountain to get there. Let me know if I can help in any way. Dave
  6. Been an Androin box - Kodi user for over 4 yrs now and it's our only source of television. As a previous user posted it's not for everyone, there is a steep learning curve. If you're looking for an "off the shelf" viewing system then this is not for you. It is completely open source and written by very gifted amateurs. Things to remember re Android box and Kodi:--- The box can die -- have 2 ALWAYS keep current with Kodi version. Subscribe to kodi and Tvaddons newsletters Be prepared to think and learn There is NO manual Addons come and go... There is no need to buy addons - all content is available. The ability to stream is not necessarily dictated by your internet speed but by the the delivering server.. Be PATIENT..
  7. Plus what they are offering can be readily obtained completely foc anyway.
  8. They are a really nice family group and Semalu is right - incredibly hard working. We've walked our 3 dogs down there for the last 18 mths, they're always there with a wave and a smile. Bruno, their big golden retriever cross rules the rest of the dogs there with a rod of iron - no agro allowed!!
  9. I think my old faithful Telmex modem is showing signs of dementia. It's not dead yet so I'd like to keep it s an emergency spare. My questions are 1. Do I go to Telmex beside the LPG station? 2. Who do I ask for? My Spanish is not bad but could be technically challenged in this field. 3. How much can I expect to pay? and finally, 4. Back in the UK, if I wanted to add a new modem I would need to know the email address (username) and password to access the line, neither of which I know as we inherited the line when we bought the house - is that relevant here or would Telmex be able to "program" the new modem?
  10. dgn


    A bit off topic but a number of regulars who mispronounce the name call it "The nipple bar". No prizes for working it out.
  11. Probably the best (and certainly the cheapest) is to back up your essential files and then restore to factory settings. This will wipe out any virus. You can then treat the comp as if you'd just bought it.
  12. So where does it say "ëverybody loves it"? The article clearly states: ----- ['Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a 'Recommended Update'. 'Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device.' 'Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue. 'And of course, if you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don't love it.'] In the not too distant future Microsoft will cease to support 7&8 as they no do with xp - which a LOT of commercial machines still use. Anyway, I agree with you re the Mail. I read it online everyday just to see how many "Outraged" and "Hilarious" they have.
  13. We also are having / had problems with intermittent dropping of the internet connection - we live near Los Charales. We'd lose it entirely for 5 mins or so or it would run at 2.5 to less than 1 meg before failing - was like this for a week. A few incoming phone calls which were not getting through gave us a clue, they all coincided with the internet dropping off. We reported the fault online via the Telmex web site and tonight have had absolutely no problems with either the phone or the internet. Coincidence or super fast service?
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