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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but I do not have a landlord
  2. I am in the process of renting a house on top of the usual deposit I have been asked to pay almost 5000 pesos for Buro Legal does any one knows what it is??? This is the first time I am renting in Cuernavaca is it something unique to Cuernavaca Morelos? Thank you
  3. bontepar

    Perry's Pizza

    Would you invite me for pizza?
  4. May be need more than one trip I had a 3 bedroom house from palm springs it took3 trips
  5. Do it yourself, if you need by a used van like an honda odyssey and sell it when you are finished, that is wat I did saved me thousands! movers ask an outrageous amount of money with the excuse of cross border crossing, I had no problems at all
  6. As far as I know a hand written will is perfectly legal and binding don't need witnesses or notary
  7. I have driven several times from california crossing at nogales.. no problem at all, only one advise, make a list in spanish of the goods your are taking with you
  8. Get it here Go to Guadalajara pharmacy or Similares, they will help you
  9. I had one now for 5 years, they are very good
  10. Scotiabank charges 45 pesos no minimum , I think it is a better deal, or Intercam Banco , no minimum no charges but they are not everywhere
  11. Don't waist your money, clean the filters of the inside and coil of the outside units that is it! a 10 minutes job
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