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  1. I had cataract surgery in both eyes 2 years ago - got multi-focal lenses. Had both eyes done at same time. I totally trusted Dr. Rios. I have been extremely happy with my new vision and not having to wear glasses ever again
  2. Personally, I would not encourage a blind friend to move here...you say he is considering a move. Does he know the area of Lakeside is very old and sidewalks are not smooth - many have chunks of concrete missing - cobblestones are treacherous enough for the sighted - you can get to end of sidewalk and there may be one step down or two steps down. Lots of vendors put items for sale on sidewalks making it difficult to maneuver around. My husband is legally blind and I watch him carefully all the time --- sometimes on a sidewalk, it will take a sudden dip and if you are not steady, you can lose your balance. I would help my blind friend rethink his move - perhaps to a more modern city in Mexico where there are no cobblestones and those cities have the funds to care for the sidewalks and roads, etc. I am aware of the blind couple mentioned earlier, do not know them personally, but am amazed at their agility to get around. Of course, the woman has a dog to assist her. Good luck with your friend.
  3. WE have always used Roberto - next door to Tony's Restaurant. He has always given us a good price. He also does all mechanical work on our car.....extremely trustworthy
  4. Same as Geezer --- pay online, simple, $2,00 (U.S) fee for using American credit card. Get a receipt online, print out, staple to bill and wah-la!!!!
  5. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee - bought new one year before moving here. For scale, nothing larger than a Jeep. Anything else like Ford Explorers, Siennas, Chevy Tahoes, are just too wide to park on the streets. As someone above mentioned, take into account a vehicle high enough to go over topes.....and consider doors of vehicles that can be opened once parked parallel to curbs - Curbs are generally high and some car doors cannot be opened once parked. My Jeep is 15 years old. I take good care of it - Jeeps are rugged to take a beating over cobblestones....something to think about
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