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  1. 6 hours ago, sm1mex said:
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    10 hours ago, shortshrink said:

    Save your money and get it done NOB.  The products they use here do not last.

    I had my brows done about 3 1/2  years ago and they've lasted really well. Now, of course, they definitely need redoing. On the other hand, I had eyeliner done, not by the same person because she wasn't available, and I loved the results but they disappeared within weeks. So if I find someone with good recommendations Lakeside or in Guadalajara who does the feathered brows, I will get the brows and eyeliner done here again. 



    10 hours ago, shortshrink said:




  2. Looking for the lady who was at the Chapala Rotary first event and spoke to Jimmy Barto about coming to her house. She sees them go into and come out of the Lake, had invited him to view anytime. Would like to gather a group and discuss what everyone has seen.

    I was at the same dinner with the lady in question. She's a friend of mine and I will tell her that you want to talk to her.
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