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  1. Jose Martinez of Chapala 765-3297 045 333 174 1282 The video the camera takes is pretty clear -- Martinez should be able to see what the problem is.
  2. Sea - The same thing has started to happen to me too on MSNBC, except that the red light on the box comes on when the signal flickers or cuts off. My solution is to turn off the tv and go do something else. I guess I'll have to upgrade my box sooner rather than later.
  3. When we had a problem that our plumbers couldn't solve, they brought in Jose Martinez of Chapala ( don't have his number). Our problem had to do with figuring out where the pipes were, and Martinez has a camera on a cable to put down the pipes, so that helped us but isn't right for you. But Martinez was professional and competent, and if I had a difficult problem I'd probably call him.
  4. Taaffe - what is the local Mexican board you posted on? It might be useful to know about if this happens again.
  5. Be aware that having the cashier take it off your bill doesn't actually remove the charge - it will show up the next month, with interest. You have to go talk to the customer service people ( in Ajijic, the ones at desks at the left side of the room) to get the whole thing cancelled.
  6. I bought some a few years ago from Amazon and had them muled down, but they will ship them to Mexico now (free w/$65 order). I did a cursory search in lakeside stores and didn't find them -- then --- maybe someone has them now. This is what I use: https://www.amazon.com/Summit-185502-20-Pack-Mosquito-Dunk/dp/B0002568YA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493127548&sr=8-1&keywords=mosquito+dunk
  7. Throw some mosquito dunks (Bt) in the standing water. Repeat periodically. It works pretty well if you start before the mosquitoes get bad.
  8. In our yard they go for the tender leafs and ignore the tougher ones. So they leave alone the cypress, magnolia, croton, guayaba, some spiny hedge with thick leaves, and ice plants. Also have never eaten the banana trees or birds of paradise. In my herb garden they occasionally attack the basil, but haven't gone for the others (lemon grass, rosemary, oregano, chives). The list of plants they have gone for is much longer, unfortunately.
  9. Dr. Gomez repaired a shattered finger (one bone broke into 5 pieces) for us. The finger healed nicely, and he also did a good job of guiding us through the out-patient surgery process at the hospital. I'd go to him again.
  10. Yes, talk to a notario or lawyer. Changing an escritura is not the same simple and cheap procedure as changing a deed NOB. It is very expensive. (We looked into changing the beneficiaries on the escritura.) Maybe playing with the timing of the signing - as AlanMexicali suggested - might work. Otherwise, figure out a way to be here at the same time.
  11. Sensibit D (loratadine, phenylephrine, acetaminophen)
  12. And don't forget the leaf cutter ants!
  13. To add to the above -- lots of citrus and avocado trees here, and we have two coffee bushes that are happy and produce beans (that the birds eat).
  14. "I can download all my past statements in pdf from Schwab but will these be accepted at the mexican consulate???" I did this a year ago at the Mexican consulate in Laredo and had no problems at all.
  15. NOB many municipal water suppliers use chloramine, not chlorine. Don't know what they use here, but chloramine is more stable and isn't removed as easily as chlorine using time and aeration. For chlormaine removal, activated carbon filtration works well, also chemical neutralization. But unless you know they use chlorine and not chloramine here I wouldn't rely on aeration.
  16. Last time I was in Northern California my Telcel phone was mostly useless -- because I was outside of T-Moblile's coverage area. Could be your problem too.
  17. The outlet mall has a lot of shoe stores and may be worth going to if you're in the market for shoes, but the clothing stores didn't look that interesting to me. The few times I've been there the place has been deserted -- I don't know how they stay in business.
  18. Temporary residents can still drive foreign plated cars, but Mexicans can't. If I were her, I would definitely go with the South Dakota plates, as RVGringo suggested. I got SD title and plates for my car while here in Mexico (sent to a Texas handymail address) and the SD folks are fast and efficient in their processing of applications. She could then just drive it north herself with only a small risk of problems. (Anyone stopping her for traffic violations won't ask for immigration papers, just drivers license.) If she is really worried, she could get someone with a RT to drive with her. I don't see a TIP problem. She should stop and get the decal scraped off so her friend won't have problems in the future, but other than that the TIP doesn't affect her.
  19. Deborah - Is his prescription complicated? I have spare glasses I could lend or give him for the interim if the prescription is close. I'm nearsighted and my prescription is pretty straightforward -- single vision -5.75 in both eyes, no astigmatism. Let me know if he could use my glasses. Trying to get by w/o my glasses would be very .... impressionistic. And Mr. Magoo-ish. I sympathize.
  20. Taxi yesterday from the airport to Ajijic was 420p.
  21. JayBearII - I'm on the west side of Rancho del Oro and have the same problem with telcel. Even out on the patio the reception is spotty.
  22. The number I have is a couple of years old..... but is 3310635633...may help eliminate a digit. His email is robertronics77@gmail.com
  23. The copy place/barber shop a couple of doors from the palacio municipal in chapala can copy architectural and oversized plans (as of about a year ago). It is possible that they could print them with a computer hookup and electronic file on a thumb drive (which is what I'm assuming you're asking about).
  24. The carniceria next to Super Lake usually has it.
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