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  1. Bancomer's debit card (el Libreton) works online. I've used it at costco online, amazon.mx, and volaris online. No problems. Yet.
  2. Thanks. Jose Martinez used his camera to find a blockage in the sewer pipes for us a few years ago. The equipment to find slab leaks is different - something about thermal and acoustic detectors. I may have to bring someone from Guadalajara, but I thought I'd check if anyone had gone through this already. And if I can't find anyone, I'll probably go with Martinez.
  3. I may have a leak in the water line (supply, not sewer) under the house slab. Anyone know of a plumber that can find leaks like that? Apparently there is specialized equipment that can be used to locate the leak under the slab.
  4. Dra Carla Flores is in some way affiliated with Quality Care, has an office in Riberas, I believe, and makes house calls. Friends that went to her were really pleased.
  5. No, I meant an oven/cooktop combination that slides in on a platform in between cabinets so it is flush with the countertop. Not freestanding, and not a wall oven.
  6. And yes, Tio Sams will give you a 10-15% discount for paying with cash.
  7. Zeb - be sure to ask questions about the oven. I've been looking at ranges and went to Tio Sams. Out of all their slide-in ranges, only two had ovens that had both 1) temperatures controlled by a thermostat, and 2) a broiler. What is pretty much standard NOB is not here.
  8. This looks a lot like a dog that was in the La Lucerna area (on the south side of the carretera in West Ajijic, west of the cemetery). It was in that area for maybe 5 days, definitely waiting and looking for somone. Very afraid, skittish and unapproachable, but people were leaving food out for it. I then saw it a couple of days ago on Ocampo in central Ajijic. But both times I saw it before it had a tattered halter on. (Could have also had the collar.)
  9. This is an interesting article about heritage DNA testing. One of the takeaways is that different companies have different reference data sets - which essentially come from their customers. So if your ancestors come from a part of the world where a particular company doesn't have many customers, the results may not be very accurate. They aren't matching your DNA to some reference genome from the past, they show where your DNA is from today. So, for example, if the results show you're part Italian, it is mostly matching your DNA to the paying customers from present-day Italy. https://gizmodo.com/how-dna-testing-botched-my-familys-heritage-and-probab-1820932637
  10. Don't know about raw, but organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized -- Mother Earth Vinegar brand of "Vinagre de sidra de manzana" -- saw it a week ago at El Torito. And at Costco.
  11. The copy place on the carretera a couple blocks east of Colon, lakeside. From a thumb drive. Probably at other copy places too.
  12. There is ready-to-eat food at the Ajijic tianguis. Tacos, pizza, roasted soybeans, empanadas, camote.... maybe ceviche at the fish stands - I don't know. Some of the smaller stands come and go.
  13. Las Casitas is the place with the pool - Las Calandrias is nearby, but w/o pool (at least not one you can see from the street). Las Casitas is also on the market. My impression was that they weren't renewing long-term leases of their tenants, but maybe they'd do short-term.
  14. I have an elderly BMW coupe that I take to Pablo's Garage in West Ajijic. He's always done right by me. Only problem is that he's quite busy.
  15. No, we still don't know what town she's from, but there is a little progress. I posted on the local animal facebook page and someone recognized her. She is a former Jocotepec plaza dog that was adopted by someone named Vera....from "across the lake".
  16. Sorry about the formatting -- apparently cutting and pasting text doesn't work here.
  17. This beautiful, friendly, affectionate dog has had a hell of a day and needs help getting back home, which is somewhere across the lake. Apparently, a woman who lives "across the lake" picked up the dog from a field next to her house and brought her to a Chapala shelter. The woman left the dog there even though they said they were full and couldn't take it. The dog was then brought by someone from the shelter to Dr. Ladron's clinic to be euthanized , but since she is healthy and obviously someone's pet, the clinic will hold on to her for a while until her home, or home, is found. This girl is about a year and a half old, healthy and very friendly. She doesn't have a collar or a chip, but she was spayed 4-6 weeks ago. Obviously the rescuer thought she was helping the dog by taking her to a shelter, but the result is that the dog is now miles away from home and no one else knows where that might be. And the owners of the dog, who loved her enough to spay her, would have no reason to look all the way over here for their dog. The only way I can think of to help is to get the word out. The best outcome would be if the rescuer picked up the dog from Dr. Ladron's clinic and took her back to where she was found. Barring that, a couple of things would help: posting her picture on other dog-oriented area websites (are there any spanish-language ones used by the mexican community?), and taking her picture to any vets "across the lake" to see if she's recognized. I can email her picture to anyone - pm me.
  18. Just bypass the built-in search function and use google -- type: site:www.chapala.com search term This way you can search for 3 letter things, and no delays.
  19. The nursing/home health care service I've used in the past (twice) is Lidia at lakeside Medical Supply (or something like that). cell 333-156-9080. She speaks English. I've been very happy with the nurses from her service. I didn't need anyone with serious nursing skills - just to care for a person with dementia. For short term (less than a week) and short notice, as I remember it cost roughly 50$US per 24 hours. (It's been a couple of years.) That was for one nurse that stayed the whole time. So your budget is probably fine, but talk to Lidia for up-to-date info/costs. It would be easier to start with a service, and then after you get settled you could direct hire.
  20. The people at the payment counter can take the charge off the bill, but it will keep coming back until you go to the people at the desks. Or at least this was the case several months ago when the "insurance" charges appeared. And telmex wasn't hacked -- the charges are very much intentional.
  21. Costco Mantequilla (sin sal) -- Ingredientes: Grasa de leche pasteurizada de vaca, Saborizantes naturales. Contiene: Ingredientes de la leche.
  22. No, they wanted the letter at the local IMN office. But this was 3 years ago, so maybe they've eliminated that requirement since then.
  23. Here's a sample letter to use when applying for RT or RP. Worked for me a few years ago, but things change, so YMMV. I suggest you write out something and show it to them before you apply - they'll tell you if you have everything you need. Chapala, Jalisco, a 7 de Noviembre 2017 Asunto: Solicitud de Condición de Estancia de Residente Temoral Delegado de Chapala Instituto Nacional de Migración Delegación Regional en ChapalaHidalgo #271Chapala, Jalisco, México Distinguido Delegado, Por medio de la presente, yo, Joe Blow, estadounidense de pasaporte #xxxxxx, solicito la calidad migratoria de Residente Temporal . Adjunto copias de los documentos solicitados para este trámite. No tengo actividades lucrativas en el pais de Mexico. Estoy en Mexico para "fill in something". I think I also had to add a sentence saying that I have sufficient funds to support me in Mexico and mention the source (pension, savings from the US, combination of ...) Le agradezco por anticipado la atención prestada a la presente solicitud, esperando contar con el otorgamiento del cambio de condición de estancia. Pieza: 000000xxxxxxx Bajo protesta de decir verdad. Atentamente, Joe Blow Your Address Chapala, Jal
  24. As of a couple of years ago, Laredo had no problem with printed out bank statements. But things can change ....
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