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  1. I can't point you to an official answer, but from what I've heard, SIMAPA is not quick to turn off your water for non-payment.  I think you'd have to get a few months behind before they would.  Probably one thing you don't have to worry about right now.

  2. Nelson just wants a good lap to crawl onto, and Naomi is looking for a good squeaky-toy thrower.

    Naomi is about 4 kilos and is inquisitive, playful and fearless.  Nelson is smaller, about 3 kilos, and is mellow and affectionate.  Neither is very barky.  They are 4-5 months old and are black with white on chests and feet.

    They both get along well with other dogs, and I suspect they'd be fine with cats.

    We are in Ajijic.  PM i you'd like to meet them. They can go to different homes.




  3. In  Guadalajara there is a medical equipment supply store that has them (and lots of other stuff). 

    Medilab, at Federalismo Sur #5,

    www.medilabguadalajara.com.mx for the online catalog

    And Lidia at Lakeside Medical has them to rent.  I would rent before buying to make sure the hoist works out for you -- I found it to be very awkward and cumbersome to get the patient onto the sling, and it ended up being easier to make transfers from bed to chair manually - with muscle.  But that won't work if you're moving someone big.

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  4. I did this.  I thought I was 15 days early, and instead I was 15 days late for renewing the visa -- I had messed up the month.  This was 3 years ago, and while at first the people at INM thought they might fix it locally, that didn't work and I ended up having to go to Laredo to start the process over again.

    If you're an American, I would plan on a trip to the border sometime soon.  Don't know how it works for people from other countries. 

    Since your visa has expired, you are now here illegally.  But in reality that means little -- unless you have official contact with immigration authorities.  So if I were you I would try not to attract official attention and plan for a trip to the border when it is convenient for you.  The people in Laredo are nice and efficient.  I think they now require appointments, but if your papers are in order I think they still can issue the temporal the same day as your appointment (if not, it'll happen the next day).

    I don't see how a lawyer will be able to help you with this (I mean, avoiding a trip to the border.)

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  5. Rony - I forgot about another shampoo I've used for the Malassezia infection on my dog's skin.  I got it from Ladron's clinic, and it is called "Fungi Pet's Oil" by NorVet.  It has a lot of active ingredients: Ketoconazol, chlorhexidine, sulfur, iodine, salicylic acid, and coal tar.  So maybe not a gentle shampoo, but it helped my dog a lot and didn't irritate her wrecked skin. 

    Keep it in mind in case the fungus gets worse.

    (I also had my dog on itraconazole pills for months -- nasty stuff that didn't seem to help...)


  6. Virbac is a reputable brand and has a shampoo -- Dermazole -- that is 2% Miconazole and used for fungal skin problems.  I've seen it at several vet offices lakeside. I think I've seen Miconazole (or some other -azole) combined with chlorhexidine in dog shampoos here -- you might try that too.

    I have an old, allergic dog with immune problems -- and have been battling Malassezia skin infections (a yeast/fungus) for years.  It can be hard to get rid of.  My dog's problems respond better to chlorhexidine shampoos, or chlorhexidine mixed with an -azole, than to straight Miconazole shampoos. YMMV



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