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  1. I, too, am looking for some red worms for composting. Very interested in any responses!
  2. There was a notary in west ajijic on the carretera in Villa Nova. I think she is still there, but I don''t remember her name. When I drive by tomorrow I'll look to see if there is more identifying info.
  3. BP in La Canacinta. Was a 30 minute line (lined up from the west).
  4. As to when you should visit -- I would say August, or maybe March. The rainy season starts in June, and in May it is hot and we are all rethinking our decision to not have an air conditioner. It is when we start counting the days, and placing our bets, to the start of the rains. December and January are nice, but it is the snowbird season.
  5. BP station west of Ajijic has gas - premium only right now. I just drove past - there are 30 to 40 cars lined up in each direction.
  6. Jose Martinez (josemartinezchapala at gmail dot com) 376 76 5 3297 045 333 174 1282 and 045 331 152 1369 Contact info is from a card a couple of years old.
  7. Jose Martinez and his camera on a cable/snake can probably find it. He looks at the display to see turns and angles in the pipe, and estimates location based on that and the amount of cable out.
  8. I would take the bus -- the luxury lines are much more comfortable than an airplane. And direct.
  9. I did this. I thought I was 15 days early, and instead I was 15 days late for renewing the visa -- I had messed up the month. This was 3 years ago, and while at first the people at INM thought they might fix it locally, that didn't work and I ended up having to go to Laredo to start the process over again. If you're an American, I would plan on a trip to the border sometime soon. Don't know how it works for people from other countries. Since your visa has expired, you are now here illegally. But in reality that means little -- unless you have official contact with immigration authorities. So if I were you I would try not to attract official attention and plan for a trip to the border when it is convenient for you. The people in Laredo are nice and efficient. I think they now require appointments, but if your papers are in order I think they still can issue the temporal the same day as your appointment (if not, it'll happen the next day). I don't see how a lawyer will be able to help you with this (I mean, avoiding a trip to the border.)
  10. Dr. Hernandez at Chapala Med (Plaza Interlago) will take them also. I think they go to Tepehua.
  11. And if you know what you're looking for, this site is interesting: http://www.backyardnature.net/mexnat/ It is a naturalist's newsletter. He seems to spend a lot of his time in the southern part of the country, but you'll recognize a lot of the plants. He also covers animals - mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. Not exhaustive, like a guide, just notes on plants and animals he's run across in his travels.
  12. The Chapala Garden Club has some online photos: http://www.lakechapalagardenclub.org/botanical.html
  13. This site explains Telcel's plans (as well as Moviestar AT&T, and others). You may find answers there. http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Mexico
  14. The guy at the tianguis with all the sewing supplies has iron-on patches.
  15. The Ladron vet clinic in Riberas is the best equipped that I've seen lakeside. They could do it. 765-5940.
  16. Facebook page is under Williams Burg https://www.facebook.com/williams.burg.319247?ref=br_rs
  17. Rony - I forgot about another shampoo I've used for the Malassezia infection on my dog's skin. I got it from Ladron's clinic, and it is called "Fungi Pet's Oil" by NorVet. It has a lot of active ingredients: Ketoconazol, chlorhexidine, sulfur, iodine, salicylic acid, and coal tar. So maybe not a gentle shampoo, but it helped my dog a lot and didn't irritate her wrecked skin. Keep it in mind in case the fungus gets worse. (I also had my dog on itraconazole pills for months -- nasty stuff that didn't seem to help...)
  18. Virbac is a reputable brand and has a shampoo -- Dermazole -- that is 2% Miconazole and used for fungal skin problems. I've seen it at several vet offices lakeside. I think I've seen Miconazole (or some other -azole) combined with chlorhexidine in dog shampoos here -- you might try that too. I have an old, allergic dog with immune problems -- and have been battling Malassezia skin infections (a yeast/fungus) for years. It can be hard to get rid of. My dog's problems respond better to chlorhexidine shampoos, or chlorhexidine mixed with an -azole, than to straight Miconazole shampoos. YMMV
  19. Bancomer's debit card (el Libreton) works online. I've used it at costco online, amazon.mx, and volaris online. No problems. Yet.
  20. Thanks. Jose Martinez used his camera to find a blockage in the sewer pipes for us a few years ago. The equipment to find slab leaks is different - something about thermal and acoustic detectors. I may have to bring someone from Guadalajara, but I thought I'd check if anyone had gone through this already. And if I can't find anyone, I'll probably go with Martinez.
  21. I may have a leak in the water line (supply, not sewer) under the house slab. Anyone know of a plumber that can find leaks like that? Apparently there is specialized equipment that can be used to locate the leak under the slab.
  22. Dra Carla Flores is in some way affiliated with Quality Care, has an office in Riberas, I believe, and makes house calls. Friends that went to her were really pleased.
  23. No, I meant an oven/cooktop combination that slides in on a platform in between cabinets so it is flush with the countertop. Not freestanding, and not a wall oven.
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