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  1. Marti sporting goods store in Centro Laguna?
  2. Any suggestions, besides WalMart, on where to purchase rubber shower mat, preferably with suction cups to keep it from sliding on the shower floor? The bigger, the better. Thanks.
  3. Agustin has been serving his most excellent Chiles en Nogada daily year around for well over ten years. Most of the few other restaurants that serve it do so only in September and usually just for a few days during the holiday.
  4. Attack someone unable to respond. Good job, folks.
  5. I would be thrilled to see thousands of foreigners move to the west side of the lake. Sure better than the estimated 200 in Joco now. Keep up the good work Westsidestory and post your reasons on every forum or board possible. I support your goal 100%. Best of luck.
  6. Sounds similar to Ecomint, which I keep in stock at home year around. Even take it to restaurants to spray tables before sitting down to order during mosquito and fly season. Great stuff!
  7. I heard Chapala had them yesterday.
  8. Good news! Moy asked for state and federal help only a week ago. Fast action.
  9. Another “I. have been told” without mentioning a credible source.
  10. Hasn’t. Sonia chimed in on this topic a few times saying there is no problem doing what Brian wants to do and that it is perfectly legal? I am pretty sure she has and that it is.
  11. Egrets, I’ve had a few But, then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption.
  12. At their prices they should never be unreliable.
  13. Yes, cost of electricity has gone up in some areas here. and will eventually increase across the country.
  14. The answer to these questions and much more information are all provided in the link that Dough was kind enough to post.
  15. Just walked by. Looks like they are close to full inside and outside. Not sure they need our help anymore.
  16. And screw their buyer instead of themselves. Another of your “great” ideas.
  17. Good idea Tomas, except legally the buyer has the right to select the notary.
  18. It was common place here until a few years ago for notarios to help the sellers out by reducing the sale price of the house to reduce their capital gains. Since that has been stopped and true sale prices must now be used by Notarios, complaints such as yours are frequent. I don’t believe you have an alternative if you wish to sell your home now because now the law is being followed. Before it was not, but most buyers did not understand nor have explained to them how they were being screwed at the closing of their just purchased home.
  19. The US Embassy in Mexico is in Mexico City and there is only one. The others, including GDL, are called US Consulates.
  20. I took her prescription to Costco had an eye exam there, too. When comparing the two eye exams, they were not identical, but about as similar as they could be to each other without being identical. Unfortunately, with my complicated prescription, Luz told me she could not even come close to the Costco price.
  21. If that is true, please promise to never make a restaurant review. Just read them and write nothing. Thank you.
  22. It hasn’t worked the last four or five times they tried it either.
  23. Make sure you are friendly and helpful to all of your neighbors, especially Mexicans. The rewards will be endless.
  24. Wouldn’t this question receive more and possibly better responses on the forum for Jocotopeckers and folks in your area? I know of no plumbers who would be willing to make the long and turbulent drive from Chapala/Ajijic for a leaky water heater.
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