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  1. Best Doctors group insurance through Focus on Mexico has an annual deductible of 3900 USD no matter how many different health problems one may have during that 12 month period. This is catastrophic insurance only, though. I have used it twice during the five years I have had it and it has saved me literally hundreds of thousands of pesos. They accept new enrollees up to 74.5 years old. Some pre existing conditions are covered immediately, some are exempted for the first year and a few are just not covered.
  2. I have had Qualitas through Bellon for about five years. No claims, but they don’t ignore me, especially at renewal time.
  3. Richard’s has posted this week’s menu on FB.
  4. They have always been the best in lakeside in every respect. cell 331 411 0242
  5. This week’s Reporter says Chapala office is reopening.
  6. There are two Dr. Garcias. The owner, Dr. Carlos Garcia, an internist and Dr. Ramon Garcia Garcia cardiologist. The orthopedic surgeon is Dr. Gonzales. All to be soon moving into Hospital San Antonio.
  7. The mayor requested help from state and federal police to help with recent crime wave, including murders. Mexican army is scheduled to patrol lakeside about twice a week in the very near future. Read Bill Dahl’s book and decide for yourself about the lake. It is available on Amazon and is a real eye opener. He did about two years of research on the lake before he came here to interview officials locally and in GDL who are directly involved in our lake and its problems. I’m a 14 year resident of Ajijic. Google can also help you with answers to your questions.
  8. Unless you hired her you are not her employer and you owe her nothing, the owner does. However, 2000 pesos is a wonderful gesture and will probably mean a lot to her.
  9. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board outside the office she uses and is there all week.
  10. Hector owns Manix. Go have lunch and talk with him if you are unable to Google his restaurant for the phone number.
  11. We get it, Rv. You like Chapala. But 3 posts on the same subject saying the same thing?
  12. Ricardo Ramirez, Francisco’s head mechanic, has leased space right next door at Robert’s and still does oil changes. Cell 33-1265-6956.
  13. Stop listening to rumors and stop spreading rumors. Not true.
  14. Victor is employed by Dr. Carlos Garcia and his xrays are taken inside Maskaras Clinic.
  15. Those are monthly promotions that are sent out to their mailing list. Change each month. Never noticed a membership fee, though.
  16. All of their reports, including one I picked up last week are using the Chopo letterhead, not ISILAB as they did in the past. Also, asked the two young women who have worked there since the lab opened and they both said they are now part of Chopo. My receipt was also Chopo. Also, talked to the receptionist at the Maskaras Chopo who agreed. I asked because I was doing some price comparisons and the two Choposwere giving me different prices for same tests. This was explained to me by saying they both used different labs for their test results. Sounds strange, but that is what I was told. And the last time Chopo posted on their FB site was July of 2017, almost two years ago.
  17. Alberto Farias installed my mini split four years ago and have never had a problem with it. Cell 33 1706 9407. Home 387-763-1200. Jocotepec.
  18. Two now. One opened as ISILAB and is now Chopo. The one by Maskaras Clinic opened as a Chopo.
  19. Me, too. Formerly called ISIL lab. Reports are easier to understand and more explanatory than other labs I have tried. Plus, the phlebotomist hits a vein on the first try every single time, which is a real challenge with my hidden veins.
  20. Viajes travel books me on Volaris for the same, low, advertised price on their website, because I can’t do it, either. No price increase and Volaris pays their commission.
  21. I thought it was a pretty good spinoff from the two original Hotel Marigold movies. I laughed almost as much as I did at the first two. A decent satire. Nothing more.
  22. LOL! You posted too fast. I meant bonehead, the ever present troll.
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