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  1. Several banks here use Deutschebank, I think in NYC, as the intermediary bank. I am certain that Actinver and Multiva both do.
  2. Is this the same Pepe that was the bartender for the Legion about eight or ten years ago?
  3. Yes, the topic is about a law in the State of Jalisco only. Other states may not be the same.
  4. I see that we are either getting sidetracked or have come to the end of our thread now that we are dealing with memory loss accusations and policies suggested that are. not available in Mexico. Many thanks to those who provided helpful answers to the questions. Much appreciated. I learned a lot.
  5. Guess I was lucky then, Tom. Of course, if the premium does "shoot through the roof" it is only at renewal time and no one is obligated to renew. What did you end up choosing for your insurance that protects you from future increases?
  6. El Saltos, excellent suggestion. Please give us the names of some Mexican health insurance companies who allow initial enrollments at age 70 or above, as does Best Doctors. Thank you.
  7. Sorry, I misunderstood and do not have that answer about BD. How would I find this out, so I can report back?
  8. Of course, they do, tbh. They don't like us comparing notes with each other. They want to be in charge of the information that we receive. Mention to her that there is a lake very close by that she might want to take a jump in. Your post has given me very valuable information that I would not have otherwise. Of course, anyone can call them anytime they want to do so. BTW, Best Doctors is not a Mexican Company, either.
  9. Valerie stated that the reason for the large premium and deductible increases this year was because the amount paid in claims was more than the amount paid in premiums as our membership is only a few hundred. So, we were a net loss to Best Doctors. Anxious to see what happens next year. In agency relationships such as insurance, real estate, etc. The client of the agent is the one who is paying the agent. The buyer of the product is called a customer. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the agent to represent the best interests of their client while treating the customer fairly. That is a distinct difference that we should all be aware of when dealing with anyone called an agent.
  10. Thanks, tbh. Appreciate your info. Guess I need to investigate further as my Best Doctors deductible with the Focus plan is currently 3900 USD, up from 3000 last year and probably another hike in June when Focus group renews. Coverages between Focus and Boomers is similar, but not identical as each group negotiates separately prior to annual renewal. Also, hope DAJ answers your age question since I will turn 72 soon and it is slim pickings for us 70 and above.
  11. What is the premium and deductible for WEA? I am assuming it is also a Boomers group plan and should be the same for everyone. Would be interested in comparing price with Best Doctors to see if it might be a viable option for me to explore further. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, tbh. Yes, Valerie is agent for group policies for both Focus and Boomers. Definitely your best bet for info. Valerie's hours are 10-3 in the office.
  13. There is usually no problem making an appointment to see her the same day. She probably will have several openings available.
  14. Appreciate your helpful information. Thank you.
  15. I have stopped trying to communicate with anyone there due to my weak Spanish skills and never finding anyone whom I am able to fully communicate with and answer my questions. I just go in and look around and no one bothers me and I don't bother them. Pretty store, though.
  16. Offering an opportunity to share fees by stacking on his account as so many do here despite the constant admonitions from those who do not.
  17. How does it compare to the old Jose's Illusion that was the Greek restaurant in West Ajijic that closed several years ago? I really miss that place.
  18. I saw Dra. Ballesteros exactly two times and moved on.
  19. Chopo does. They don't even ask me for my card. They just do it and then tell me. Guess one look is all it takes.
  20. Thanks, Alpha. I did go to Dilabim. Guess I forgot the name. They were not able to do all of the work required for my annual physical so I could not include them for a comparison and did not consider them a full lab, as the others are.
  21. I posted a similar survey I did a few months ago using Chopo, Go and Care. Same results. Care most expensive, Chopo least expensive and Go a little less than Care. I have never heard of Dilabim and do not know where it is.
  22. It is my understanding that when issued a ticket for not having a current sticker the offender has 30 days to have the test done without paying any fine for the ticket. Therefore, there would be zero reason for paying a mordita and zero reason to be concerned about getting a ticket. Did I dream this up or does someone know if this is correct?
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