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  1. There has never been a shred of evidence about this famously false rumor of us having anywhere near the second best weather in the world. An old pueblo tale that can be traced back to the early 70's, at least.
  2. Would it be possible for you to flip that letter over and post a pic to show the channels that will be eliminated without this update? Thank you.
  3. Thanks to both of you. I am hoping for one or two additional suggestions, also.
  4. Any suggestions for a competent English speaking personal counselor locally? Can be male or female. Social worker, psychologist or neither. Good listening and reflecting skills important. Thank you.
  5. Excellent. Long overdue. Glad they finally tried to make things clearer. So much confusion. So many misinformed rumors.
  6. Happened to one of my neighbors, also. She was not happy to have to fly to a Mexican Consulate in the US to restart the process.
  7. Temporal and Permanente Residents were told to get in line for Mexicans in GDL on the last two flights that I have taken.
  8. Yes, agent gets commission from rental only. Property management is up to the property owner if they choose to pay the additional fees. Property management companies are usually just that and don't handle rentals, or very few. It is up to the owner whether to self manage or hire a property manager as they pay for those services. The tenant usually has no input on this matter. You will be here for a month in the near future and will have lots of time to do this while you are here on a face to face basis rather than a voice on a telephone. In Mexico, personal contact, rather than emails or phone calls, is very important. Good luck.
  9. There is no MLS for rentals. Each rental office, whether independent or part of a local real estate company, has listings for their rentals. Yes, all agents can show the rentals from other companies, usually. The problem is finding out the existence of those listings. Requires lots of phone calls and leg work, which many agents are not willing to do for the relatively small commission. This leaves the search for them up to the potential renter.
  10. I enjoy their Arepas, also and my favorite is the spinach and Gouda served with their fresh salad, too. I usually end up taking one home for lunch. Time to go back. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Lake Chapala has been a hotbed for UFO sightings since the '40's.
  12. Expats in Ajijic were originally the artsy, hippie ones. Chapala was retired military, as was Guadalajara. Many moved to Chapala from Guadalajara. One traffic light in 2004 followed by two more in 2005 in Ajijic. Then I stopped counting. Riberas del Pilar being called a failed fracc is absolutely correct. It is. One of the main reasons that Ajijic became the hub for expat activity, rather than Chapala, was the founder of the Lake Chapala Society, Neill James, who relocated it to her home and its beautiful grounds in Ajijic almost 35 years ago and willed her property to the Lake Chapala Society upon her death giving all area expats a place to meet and socialize, gather and share information and offer helpful classes and other forms of assistance to the local community.
  13. Agree with Chiles en Nogada. Everytime I go there, I keep telling myself to try something different, but it seldom happens.
  14. In Mexico, the best bank is where your money is safest.
  15. Multiva. Do a search for "Bancomer". That is the bank that customers accused of misappropriation of their bank accounts recently. HSBC paid a fine of almost two billion dollars for drug money laundering a couple of years ago and is still under close scrutiny for the same thing this year. I would not voluntarily do business with either one of them.
  16. Sounds like several of us bought that nice, large Hamilton Beach convection oven. I love mine. Don't know what I did without it besides waste a lot of propane waiting for the gas stove oven to heat and then more when I was cooking or heating something that wasn't a meal for four or more, but just me. Not to mention the stove oven could heat up half the house, so I couldn't use it for almost three months a year. No problems like that with the countertop convection. No wasted counter space, either. Sits perfectly on top of the microwave. One of my wiser purchases here.
  17. 65 posts and I recall 2 being helpful and appropriate. Sad.
  18. When that happened to me, I didn't want anything else, either and I didn't want to wait, so I gradually increased the number of that add on until they would let me complete the transaction and sold the extras here. I had nine to get rid of, but I did it. Not recommending that, but that was all I could think of to do. Mine was less than five dollars. Mexican flag? I did that, too. Not stolen. Arrived on time in perfect condition. Quality made nylon 3 x 5 or thereabouts, made in US with colors on both sides, not the one sided ones they sell here. Beautiful. There's your answer. Your Amazon order will arrive through UPS, FedEx or DHL, not the Mexican postal service and you will be able to track it online until it is delivered and signed for. Amazon is extremely customer friendly. If There are any issues you might need to report they have gotten back to me within a couple of hours and straightened it out, including an occasional refund.
  19. If your order is only six dollars it might be called an " add on" which means it has to be sent to you with another item with a higher value. That should be clearly shown on the item profile. They are putting it in your to be shipped later section because you have not added any other items. They will hold it there in your account until you increase the amount of your order and then ship it, also.
  20. Interesting. As of January, 2015 Mexico made illegal the importation or sale of all Electrónic cigarettes throughout the country. Enforced or not enforced? Good luck.
  21. I think these became illegal to sell in Mexico about a year ago.
  22. We should always help those less fortunate than ourselves. But, it seems that it is not going to get done any other way.
  23. Unable to use " like" button. When I try screen says I have used all Ten of my daily " likes" when I have used none at all. Dan Houck said you are the only one who can fix what he called a "software glitch". I really enjoy " liking helpful and positive responses. Hope you can help, thank you.

  24. I am being blocked from using the like function by the screen that says I have used my daily allotment of 10 when I have used none in over 48 hours. Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. Al Berca

      Al Berca

      After almost a week, it suddenly works again.

    2. Al Berca

      Al Berca

      Just got notice that all likes were used after giving two likes.

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      For stuff like this you have to contact ADMIN "Chapala."  He is at the top of the moderator list on the home page.  We don't have the ability to fix software problems.


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