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  1. Sorry, Sonia but my question remains. Is anyone receiving a factura when they pay their rent?
  2. National Holiday pay is triple normal pay for working that day, not double.
  3. Anyone getting a factura when they pay their rent?
  4. Furniture 4 Less. Next to Sunrise Cafe. Tell Oscar what you want.
  5. What activities have you tried to get involved in that you found dissatisfying? Other than bingo and LCS, which has a load of things to become involved in or volunteer for. What skills or hobbies do you bring to the table and can use here? Try to focus on things that you can do for others rather than on yourself. Those always bring the greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction, Curious why you decided people over and under 60 have such different interests that they need to be separated by age.
  6. Do you have any idea how many hundreds, if not thousands, of us have said the exact same thing as this over the past several years. You are not breaking new ground here. You ask for logic when there seems to be none. There is no one that will advise you to nationalize your present vehicle. The only sound advice you have already been given and continue to question. Do as you wish, but the advice to you will not change.
  7. Try Face Book. Zach. Younger, friendlier, more open minded and far less negativity. And almost everyone uses their real names!
  8. And don't get me started on vegetables. I am positive I heard a carrot scream in anguish as I pulled it out by its poor little roots the other day. Not sure I will ever be able to face one again.
  9. According to the same article " the cases of United and American will be resolved in the next few days." Oops! Repeat. Sorry.
  10. Is 40 pesos, if you bring in the flyer, considered a modest price for Margaritas? I really don't know.
  11. Any contract can be written in any language and any currency as long as it is agreed upon by both parties. USD has been accepted currency in majority of rentals here for close to 50 years.
  12. Agents are paid one month's rent by the owner when a one year lease is signed and that is split with the real estate company. There is little money to be made by agents handling rentals, especially low end rentals, which is why most of the agency rentals are mid to upper price homes. It is not because the prices are higher than for a similar home not using an agency. If that was true rental agencies would not exist. If you are looking for a low end home where you will be expected to take care of most maintenance and repair issues then finding a Mexican landlord is the way to go. Of course, there may be some exceptions if you have the time, patience, knowledge and ability to find them.
  13. Second Hot Rod Burrito.
  14. Another noisy music thread. Great! I was starting to miss one. It's been a couple of days.
  15. Never a good meal there. Stopped going before they moved to current location. If possible, it sounds like it has even gotten worse.
  16. Smoke appears to be lessening. For the first time in several weeks this morning I can see across the lake, albeit with a medium haze
  17. His camera is certainly his claim to fame, but 1000 pesos for 30 minutes? As I said, he is very expensive.
  18. There has never been a shred of evidence about this famously false rumor of us having anywhere near the second best weather in the world. An old pueblo tale that can be traced back to the early 70's, at least.
  19. Would it be possible for you to flip that letter over and post a pic to show the channels that will be eliminated without this update? Thank you.
  20. Thanks to both of you. I am hoping for one or two additional suggestions, also.
  21. Any suggestions for a competent English speaking personal counselor locally? Can be male or female. Social worker, psychologist or neither. Good listening and reflecting skills important. Thank you.
  22. Excellent. Long overdue. Glad they finally tried to make things clearer. So much confusion. So many misinformed rumors.
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