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  1. I have had a 10 month long, 5000 peso experience with Daniel and his clock repair man for three parts to a 50 year old triple chime Linden mantel clock.
  2. No need to concern ourselves with this any longer. LCS has chosen our foreign community leaders who have had a private meeting with El Presidente and they will soon tell us what we should think. I am so relieved.
  3. I have been an LCS member for many years. "Private invitation" and "small select audience" were the terms used in response to my inquiry about this event. I was given no information about the selection process.
  4. Yes. Just got response from LCS that this was a "private invitation event" and not publicized. Exactly what I thought. One less renewal for LCS next time around. Too much elitism for me.
  5. Lake Chapala Society has just posted a pic on Face Book of the Presidente of Chapala addressing and answering questions from "the foreign community of Ajijic" regarding the changes in the highway for pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. This meeting was taking place earlier today. Was this a well publicized event and I Just didn't see it? I definitely would have attended if I had known. No mention of it in the LCS section of this board, either. Puzzling.
  6. Do you mean lakeside is now included in the Uber App?
  7. SuperLake had Marlowe's buttermilk yesterday. 60 pesos a liter.
  8. I break out in a cold sweat everytime I have to enter their building wondering what fresh hell they are going to put me through to accomplish a simple task quickly performed by other banks here.
  9. Love Volaris. Never a problem. Price is good. I pay extra for more leg room, though.
  10. Injuries will be reduced and lives saved with the enforcement, regardless of how stringent, of these laws. I am grateful.
  11. Surprised to hear this. I chose this vet after having my dog's illness misdiagnosed or no idea of what was wrong with her from three other local veterinarians. He quickly and correctly diagnosed it and provided proper meds to cure her problem. Since he literally saved my dog's life, to me, he will always be the best vet in lakeside.
  12. Why do people who don't like or can't eat spicy food order spicy food and then complain that it is spicy? I love spicy and don't like when it is "Gringoed down" to suit sensitive stomachs that shouldn't be consuming it in the first place.
  13. This is the only place I have bought bread for the last almost three years. Exceptional. The best bread I have ever had. Their coffee is one of my two favorites, also.
  14. Yup. Just living the good life in "paradise".
  15. Is 40 pesos, if you bring in the flyer, considered a modest price for Margaritas? I really don't know.
  16. Any contract can be written in any language and any currency as long as it is agreed upon by both parties. USD has been accepted currency in majority of rentals here for close to 50 years.
  17. Agents are paid one month's rent by the owner when a one year lease is signed and that is split with the real estate company. There is little money to be made by agents handling rentals, especially low end rentals, which is why most of the agency rentals are mid to upper price homes. It is not because the prices are higher than for a similar home not using an agency. If that was true rental agencies would not exist. If you are looking for a low end home where you will be expected to take care of most maintenance and repair issues then finding a Mexican landlord is the way to go. Of course, there may be some exceptions if you have the time, patience, knowledge and ability to find them.
  18. Second Hot Rod Burrito.
  19. Smoke appears to be lessening. For the first time in several weeks this morning I can see across the lake, albeit with a medium haze
  20. His camera is certainly his claim to fame, but 1000 pesos for 30 minutes? As I said, he is very expensive.
  21. There has never been a shred of evidence about this famously false rumor of us having anywhere near the second best weather in the world. An old pueblo tale that can be traced back to the early 70's, at least.
  22. Would it be possible for you to flip that letter over and post a pic to show the channels that will be eliminated without this update? Thank you.
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