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  1. Any place to go locally other than Amutio and Casa del Plomero? Thanks.
  2. "The lake currently stands at 59% of its full capacity." This week's Reporter.
  3. Thank you, Taafee. Good to see facts rather than speculation.
  4. Check the manufacturing date on the tire and make sure it hasn't been stored in full sun each day, if possible.
  5. 608 ballots cast 531 yes 62 no 15 invalid.
  6. Thank you Georgia, Yo1 and Bontepar for answering exactly what I asked without trying to hijack or side track my thread. Very much appreciated. Hope I can get a couple more answers like the three of yours that respond to the topic instead of trying to change the topic.
  7. Al Berca


    Then you probably need to continue your search. They are the closest thing to real bagels that I have found here. The srta that I asked told me they were brought in fresh each morning by the owner from Guadalajara. Definitely, not from Costco. Their "bagels" are just round pieces of baked bread dough.
  8. If you have had a colonoscopy in the last year will you please answer these three questions. Who was your gastroenterologist? Where was the colonoscopy performed? What was the approximate total cost of this procedure? No additional information needed. Thank you.
  9. That's because the breading on the shrimp is so thick and heavy it weighs more than the shrimp.
  10. According to this week's Reporter El Presidente "has pledged" that work will begin on August 29. Oh, don't forget to vote. LOL!
  11. I agree with CG. I will not return.
  12. Read this week's GDL Reporter including headlines and lead article.
  13. I was there this morning to buy bread and enjoy one of their great cinnamon rolls and coffee. I saw the flies and killed BOTH of them for you. It is now safe for your return. You're welcome.
  14. I think the decision has already been made and is a done deal. This is merely an advisory vote because Chapala has been criticized in the past for not taking residents' opinions into consideration.
  15. Currently serving a 56 year sentence for the killing of his wife.
  16. Tony Burton's " Western Mexico A Traveler's Treasury" 4th edition has the first two chapters devoted to places of historical significance and within a three hour drive of GDL and lakeside. Complete with anecdotal information, drawings by Mark Eager and specific directions to find them. Includes several nearby haciendas. Some in ruins. Some still open.
  17. Southeastern Michigan. Used to ride my bike there when I was a kid and then drove when I had a car. Always, the same order. Really miss them.
  18. White Castle double cheeseburgers with extra pickles and onions.
  19. If you mean Auditorio TelMex, anything you want. No dress code. It is a huge arena. You will see everything from formal wear to denim cut offs.
  20. I have had a 10 month long, 5000 peso experience with Daniel and his clock repair man for three parts to a 50 year old triple chime Linden mantel clock.
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