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  1. Guess the one in the video is just a slow swimmer.
  2. If not, after over 4.5 years, the price has probably been reduced.
  3. I have seen the water snakes many times. They are there.
  4. No wiring. Just a modem given to you when you apply for Internet. 48 hours or less and should be working assuming you already have a landline phone in use. If you don't already have an active phone line, the wait could be much longer.
  5. Across the highway from Mom's Deli and Maskaras Clinic. Next to Junior's body repair shop.
  6. I had my mechanic, Francisco's in Riberas, install mine.
  7. Completely agree. Try to post something helpful and it is slapped down before anyone even knows what it is. The sad way of life on this web board.
  8. After shocks are normal and expected. Could continue for weeks.
  9. How many homes in El Parque or Riviera Alta? One road for each to directly access highway. Not even a stop light for Riviera Alta with at least a couple of hundred homes.
  10. Local expat Face Book groups are directly involved and have several suggestions of where to take donations and locally organized groups are sending caravans, at least one leaving this afternoon, to Mexico City to help the disaster victims. Trip's Burgers is taking donations until 2:00 this afternoon and then their donations, combined with others, will be headed to the disaster scene. Dental Express is accepting donations, as is Cruz Roja and more places I can't think of right now.
  11. Yes, Trip's is being repeated until tomorrow at 2:00, along with other repeaters, for a caravan to Mexico City tomorrow afternoon.
  12. The plan is to do the majority of construction at night so that daytime traffic will be impeded as little as possible.
  13. Locally, the square footage estimates by real estate agents includes more than enclosed, interior areas. Any outside covered area attached to the house, such as covered porches, patios, terrazas, balconies, miradors and carports are included. Not sure about covered detached areas, such as a garage, carport or bodega. At any rate, my point is that the square footage estimates you are seeing are probably not just enclosed, interior areas of the home. A home with 1100 interior square feet could easily show as 1500 or 1600 when including unenclosed areas with a roof.
  14. I have recently been told of a "virtual colonoscopy". I guess it is relatively new and less intrusive, but more accurate, as well as more expensive. Anyone familiar with this procedure?
  15. 2018 unchanged from this year in Chapala Municipio.
  16. It is early, but that's them. Some arrived several weeks ago. No idea why they seem so early this year. If you have never done so, make sure you get to Petatan on the south side of the lake between November and March to watch thousands of them together feeding on the fishermen's scraps. An amazing sight.
  17. Now we are blaming the United States for one's poor work ethic? C'mon.
  18. Thank you for posting this, John. I knew I had heard this sad story from a man a few years ago who came to my door telling me he had just arrived from Florida, wife was deceased or in hospital, can't remember which, but he was begging me for work to support his children and had papers signed by people that he said he had worked for in lakeside. Nicest guy in the world. Very humble. Seemed terribly desperate. I think he said he was living in his car then. Almost broke my heart to listen to his story. I guess it is remotely possible that this is not that man, but the heartbreaking story is so unusual and unique that it does make me wonder. Strange.
  19. I was chatting with Dr. Carlos Garcia yesterday, who will be moving Maskaras Clinic to the new hospital when it is opened. They have complete support and green light to move forward from the current administration of Chapala to finish and open the first floor of the hospital within 13 months, when a new administration comes into power and could bring construction to a halt.
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