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  1. Villa Nova used Zoom a couple of weeks ago for its annual meeting. My first experience with Zoom. Things went surprisingly well.
  2. They also expressed their gratitude to you for your hard work and always upbeat attitude. Without your help this would never have happened. Thank you Harry.
  3. Aguagente. Download free app for complete information. I have had mine for 3 years and wouldn’t be without it.
  4. I wonder if he realizes he is driving past one Home Depot to get to another. He actually should consider forgetting the Periferico and use the Jocotopec libramiento to get to Lopez Mateos Sur.
  5. I thought De Longhi was top of the line. Mine is an Everheat about 7 years old. Repair was done 3 or 4 years ago.
  6. Agree with Ferret. They fixed mine when I thought I was going to have to replace it.
  7. Quality Care will be renting from SAH and moving its office and equipment into the new construction built just adjacent to the hospital.
  8. Currently 1900 pesos for 24 hours at Quality Care.
  9. Where the car wash used to be. Almost directly across the highway from Fonda Dona Lola restaurant.
  10. Taking any meds for more than six months is considered a pre existing condition which IMSS will not cover. You may be disqualified or they may allow you to join, but not cover that problem. Yes, benefits are very limited the first two years.
  11. Luis Algarin owner of CompuShop+ Repair a few shops from Pancho’s. He and his sister in law both do house calls and are skilled in their work. Shop- 376-688-1354 Cell- 332-340–1354 Fluent English.
  12. Then you want the first entrance to Villa Nova coming from Riberas and she is right on the corner as you make that turn in a small white clearly marked building.
  13. There is a notaria who has her office just inside the second entrance to Villa Nova if you are coming from SJC. Have never heard anything negative about her. Sorry,I don’t have contact info, but she is there all week and, with the traffic, much closer for you than Chapala.
  14. My US bank received it. That is where my monthly SS is deposited. I don’t file taxes and I did nothing except be patient, although I thought it was too late for me to receive it, so it was a very welcome surprise.
  15. My check for 1200 arrived yesterday morning.
  16. You need a minimum of 4 letters to do a search, which is why CFE shows nothing.
  17. I found his contact information and will be calling him tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you for giving me such helpful information. I appreciate it very much.
  18. Ricardo Ramirez. Shop is in Riberas. Perfect English. Have been using him for 15 years. I have a Chevy, too. Cel-33-12-65-69-56.
  19. Need someone who specializes in termite extermination, not a fumigator. If you have a suggestion please include contact info. Thank you for your help.
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