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  1. I only asked because the OP is not seeking repair people, but to purchase a machine.
  2. Easy DIY job, unless you are too busy retiring.
  3. Either way works and is not time consuming nor particularly mentally challenging for most of us.
  4. For major appliance repairs I agree. Do they sell them, also?
  5. Oscar at Furniture 4 Less carries electric recliners. Not sure about seat lift, but maybe can be ordered.
  6. Good luck, Derek. Thanks for letting us know about your new venture. Wish you success.
  7. I always thought there were only two islands in the lake. Thank you for the education. Also, had no idea that many Pelicans were here in July. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Best way to edit a text is to simply correct the text, not make a footnote that everyone missed, y'all.
  9. Electroventa has reconditioned with one year warranty.
  10. Have you already applied for and received pre approval for residency in Mexico through a Mexican consulate?
  11. It was recaning that he did for me, but I believe he does wicker, also. Easy to check since he is there today. Take a pic and show him.
  12. Carlos Hilario cell 333-816-8824 casa. 331 606 6040 Lives in Tlaquepaque. Will pick up and deliver. Can sometimes be found in front of Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic next to the juice man, who usually knows his schedule if you would like to meet him in person. Good work. Reasonable prices.
  13. February 2018 is less than four months away and during the peak of our snowbird season and highest demands on our internet services. If anything, expect slower speeds and more frequent down times.
  14. If you could post this on a couple of the local Face Book forums, there have been several folks asking about buying a phone number. Bet it would be sold same day you posted it. Good luck.
  15. To solve the same problem, I simply had an off switch installed on the line to my doorbell. If I am expecting someone I turn it on. Otherwise it's off.
  16. There will be quality long term rentals available. Some owners choose not rent to snowbirds, but only to long term tenants.
  17. Your forecast for your retirement income bodes well for a decent retirement lifestyle in Ajijic for the two of you. Not so well for comparable lifestyle in more expensive SMA. You also might want to check the income requirements to become residents of Mexico.
  18. Oversized two car garage with flat concrete roof which serves as Terraza, about 20 years old, that leaks badly in several places during rainfall. Bids on roof repairs/replacement are higher than current budget. What is the absolute best roof sealant for this job? Longevity more important than cost. Thank you.
  19. What time period is considered morning "rush hour(s)" in metropolitan GDL? Thank you.
  20. Let's try again. Anyone have an answer to the original question of recommending a fumigation service that deals with sugar ants without harm to pets? Thanks
  21. Is it still allowed to take your own container and drive into the berry fields in Joco looking for the packing table of that day and buy "seconds" at extremely low prices direct from the pickers as they pack the perfect ones for Driscoll shipments? I haven't done this in quite a few years and wonder if it is still possible. Thanks.
  22. I have the same problem. Every single room. It would take index cards everywhere in my house. Can't find any nests and spot killing them or spraying their trails with Raid just makes them change routes. I share the OP's question: Is there a professional who can handle a whole house infestation of "sugar ants" without doing possible harm to our pets?
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