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  1. How does Chedraui compare with Mega? I really like Mega. Freska, too.
  2. I think it was on Madero. Thanks so much for your help, Kevin.
  3. Had the address, but can't find it. Can anyone help me with the location of the bulk food shop in Chapala that is similar to the one in Ajijic, next to Gossips? Thanks.
  4. I use Pappy's method and then soak them in cold water for about an hour before peeling. The water gets between the membrane and the egg and usually separates much easier. I peel them under water or with cold water running on them as I peel them. That helps, also.
  5. That one would have been yesterday morning before sunrise.
  6. Please read the article under the front page headline of this week's GDL Reporter.
  7. Blue Angel sells individual policies in addition to their group plans.
  8. LCS has a chartered bus going to Costco and Home Depot on Thursday, November 16. 350 pesos for members. 450 for non members.
  9. Probably why this topic is entitled " New Direct Flights...."
  10. Nothing more than advertising for Lisa Jorgensen. Again.
  11. People are just flush with comments on this topic.
  12. Not sure about toilet paper, but this post has sure gone down the toilet.
  13. Al Berca


    Now I have the hours and what to order! Thanks to you both.
  14. Al Berca


    What are the Sunday hours for Cocinart? Thanks.
  15. Young man in front of El Torito sells a liter of raspberries for 20 pesos. Same item at Super Lake is 30.
  16. Good for you. Sadly, you received very little help on your question here. Good luck.
  17. And we haven't even mentioned to make sure you take a roll of toilet paper with you on any lengthy car trip.
  18. FELIZ Cumpleanos, RV. I hope you are around for many more. You have been an asset and treasure to this board for many years, including me for almost 13 years. Thank you
  19. 35 year old house. Septic, not sewer. 13 year occupant. Flush with zero problems.
  20. Focus on a few things that appeal to most people and do them well. Don't get influenced by individual suggestions that most customers will not purchase.
  21. You are correct. Missed that. Mea culpa.
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