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  1. My landlady had an old BMW convert that she would allow no one to touch other than the guys at Francisco's in Riberas. They're always busy, too.
  2. i want to buy a new Apple IPad with 3G and 4LTE. Amazon Mexico has none and Amazon US doesn't ship them to Mexico. They seem difficult to find here. Any educated guesses, rather than wild guesses appreciated. Please do not suggest another brand. Thanks.
  3. I registered my vehicle in Chapala two years ago. I have never had an RFC number.
  4. I think we are confusing US passport photo requirements with Mexican immigration photo requirements.
  5. Sadly you will need to PM the information I had to delete. Sorry about that. But those are the rules here Mod5
  6. A few months ago a friend who was told he may need open heart surgery in the near future was given a total cost of 45,000 USD by a leading GDL cardiologist for this surgery, which included his fees, anesthesiologist fees, hospital charges including 7 day stay and all meds, meals, etc. needed prior to discharge. This does not include any follow up meds, rehab or physical therapy costs that may be needed after discharge. The surgery would be performed at a small, private hospital in GDL which specializes in treatment/surgeries for heart disease. This is major surgery for double heart valve replacement. I hope this helps you with the answer to your last question.
  7. Jose Duran's calendars are 11 inches wide and all have his own art work and room for appointments, etc. inside each date. Super heavy duty high gloss paper and spiral bound. Quality calendars. My favorite.
  8. Do you know when he is there? I have purchased his calendars for about ten years and would like to continue, but have not seen him when I go to SuperLake in the morning.
  9. Seguro Popular isn't anyone's first choice, but it is the only choice for some of us because it does not exclude pre existing conditions, such as your husband's, but it also does not cover many senior health issues, although it has added more coverages geared to seniors fairly regularly.
  10. Youtube has several videos with tips and suggestions from RVers on traveling in Mexico.
  11. Al Berca

    meat pie

    Francine is the owner of Mel's Restaurant and is French Canadian. She makes delicious tourtieres which are sold at her restaurant and will make them for carry out if ordered a few days in advance. Her cellphone number is 331-402-4223.
  12. I wonder what would happen if you made your purchase offer subject to builder seeing that home has TelMex line and phone number working prior to closing? He will probably have more influence to get it installed than you do and be motivated to do so, since he has a home sale depending on it. Might be worth a try. Otherwise, you could be waiting for six months or more.
  13. It was said by the second in command for Jalisco traffic enforcement at a meeting last Monday, November 13, so it is a State regulation, not just local. Violators subject to vehicle confiscation and/or fines.
  14. I hope they don't play where people can hear them.
  15. Thank you, More Liana. Appreciate you taking the time to correct the outdated and erroneous information that was posted.
  16. Everything looked normal this morning. My understanding is Pancho has taken some time off for a little r and r. As hard as he works, I cannot imagine Super Lake without him. Hope the owners come to that realization.
  17. Best ones I have found locally are at WalMart. "Mainstays" brand in a jar. Made in USA. Keep checking. They should be getting more in for the holiday season.
  18. Also, recommendation and requirement have two different meanings.
  19. Spencer has recommended current year and previous year.
  20. I have been a part of a Shaw stacking group for over 10 years. Over 1,000 members here. Local person heading group advertises openly and regularly in local publications. No one has ever had a problem.
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