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  1. Yes, but you should be there no later than 8:00 because those sell out early.
  2. Google BanCoppell founded in 2006 for low income clients. Their credit cards can be used at Scotiabank and others. Far more info on Google than you will get here. Plus Google has the added bonus of usually giving correct information.
  3. I went on a two week vacation and Francisco's not only did the work on my vehicle, but stored it for me and drove it back to my house when I returned.
  4. So, if Pancho doesn't carry what you need, he probably won't last long? Why not wait until his place is fully stocked and operating optimally before starting with the negativity?
  5. I have used Francisco's in Riberas for 13 years. Several of my friends and neighbors do, too. I won't let anyone else touch my vehicle.
  6. Got 18.8 on a U.S. Check I deposited this morning. I was pleased.
  7. An acknowledgment that crime is so bad here that we need police escorts to our vehicles after making bank withdrawals?
  8. They installed new and hauled away old for 250? Such a deal! Contact info for JP Home Services, please. I have an empty 300 sitting on the roof that nobody wants to tackle removing it and will be replacing more older 300 liters on rentals. Thanks.
  9. Almost everyone speaks at least some English at Tony's. No need to "phrase" anything. Just tell them what you want. If they don't understand you, they will ask help from someone who will.
  10. Thanks, Ferret. I didn't know that and tank has only had one refill, so almost new.
  11. Sorry, I couldn't do that to someone. I would rather just buy a new one if I cannot get mine fixed.
  12. Maybe, I wasn't clear. My tank is inoperable right now. No one would take it in an exchange situation.
  13. 20 liter tank. Mexican style valve. Frozen in place. Three strong men and a can of WD40 cannot open valve to turn propane on. It won't budge. Is this fixable, replaceable or do I need to buy a whole new tank? Where can I get help with this? Thank you.
  14. FB forums have reports from Vista Del Lago to Joco. Everybody got some!
  15. Yes, the guys in SAT did the same for me.
  16. As an investor/owner Dr Ramon Garcia will have ready access to all emergency and non emergency facilities at the new hospital. He will also have his office there and will head the Cardiology Department as he has done at hospitals in GDL. He is also a lakeside resident so in case of emergencies he is here, rather than an hour or more away in GDL. He currently sees local patients at his cardiac facility in West Ajijic. I recommend him also.
  17. My favorite holiday cookie. Gave up on finding them here a few years ago, but was hoping that with all the new bakeries and influx of newbies that they might now be available.
  18. Flour, sugar and butter. Mix by hand. Pat it flat. Bake. Beyond easy to make and better than Walker's.
  19. It was almost exactly a four hour drive from Ajijic to Guayabitos less than two weeks ago if that is helpful.
  20. What Tom Gates left out is that this window cleaner is a true professional and a perfectionist. He is also one of a kind. While others say they clean windows, and they do, absolutely no one else does the quality of work that Saul Enciso does, so he really has no competition equal to him in this area. REC's comments were spot on and I agree with everything he wrote to you.
  21. Across the highway from Mom's restaurant and Maskaras Clinic.
  22. I am in need of an upholstery and mattress cleaner with some expertise/experience in successfully removing stale cigarette smells. Has anybody found one that they can recommend? Thanks.
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