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  1. A friend who uses her home for work on the Internet is looking for a back up in addition to TelMex. TeleCable does not have service in her area of upper Villa Nova. She needs something in the next couple of weeks. Any suggestions? Is there internet available through a satellite service? If so, how to contact please. She is considering Spyder as a back up, also. Anyone use that and have feedback to share? Thank you for providing any comments directly related to these questions.
  2. Yes. Your new license will begin the day of renewal rather than day after your current license expires.
  3. Was just in SuperLake this morning watching them markup packets of brown gravy from 44 to 59 pesos. Good to know some here do not care about prices. Wish I could afford to be one of them.
  4. Amazon shows over 100 different zero gravity chairs that ship to Mexico from 35 USD to 300. Many with free shipping and handling.
  5. I don't know Luzma, but all I have heard from those who have hired her are the highest recommendations and not a single negative. Must be some kind of lakeside record.
  6. Great news! I was getting concerned about the shortage of pizza restaurants here.
  7. Waiting and paying full price is beginning to sound like a good idea. Standing in line for two hours or more to save 52 pesos has no appeal to me.
  8. Five of us usually pay our gardener to renew our car registrations. Sounds like this might be something we will have to discontinue. Ugh.
  9. And it's always the same few that ruin this board for the rest of us.
  10. Update. Finally gave up and went in to Viajes Travel Agency this morning where they quickly booked me for the non stop flights I was seeking, in both directions, that did not appear on my app or Volaris website for a grand total of just under 235 USD or about 117.50 each way. Daylight flights both ways.
  11. With a metropolitan population of 9.4 million, which is a million or more than the entire State of Jalisco, Chicago seems to be a relatively safe place to live by comparison.
  12. Interesting. I use the Volaris app as it is much more user friendly than their website. All of the flights to Orlando on January 24 show a stopover in Mexico City with arrivals in Orlando of between 15 and 24 hours after leaving GDL. I have found direct to Orlando flights, but all return flights have a stop over in Mexico City.
  13. For the last few years I have flown Volaris non stop both ways to and from Orlando. About four hours air time each way. Now, not only have their prices dramatically increased, but on at least one leg of the trip and on some flights both directions require a stop over in Mexico City. I don't want to stop in Mexico City, I want to get to Orlando and return to GDL non stop. Are those days gone? Lots of flights, but nothing direct in both directions.
  14. Four year temporal can begin by applying again. No requirement for one to go permanente after four years as temporal. One can do so easily, but not required.
  15. Did you double check with Mrs. Google? Mr. Google didn't give you enough numbers.
  16. Zero ambiance, tables too close together, noisy, indifferent service and mediocre food stopped me from eating there years ago. So many much better choices now.
  17. Pancho's new store was literally jammed with shoppers this morning.
  18. Yes, but you should be there no later than 8:00 because those sell out early.
  19. Google BanCoppell founded in 2006 for low income clients. Their credit cards can be used at Scotiabank and others. Far more info on Google than you will get here. Plus Google has the added bonus of usually giving correct information.
  20. I went on a two week vacation and Francisco's not only did the work on my vehicle, but stored it for me and drove it back to my house when I returned.
  21. So, if Pancho doesn't carry what you need, he probably won't last long? Why not wait until his place is fully stocked and operating optimally before starting with the negativity?
  22. I have used Francisco's in Riberas for 13 years. Several of my friends and neighbors do, too. I won't let anyone else touch my vehicle.
  23. Got 18.8 on a U.S. Check I deposited this morning. I was pleased.
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