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  1. Hall Computers. Authorized Apple Repair Center in GDL. . They come to IShop in SAT twice monthly. Check with IShop for their next visit,
  2. Casa Anastasia CareHome. 765-5680 or 333-452-5864 Hope your wrist is healing well.
  3. This is crazy! Half are reporting what you wrote and another half only asked for plate number, as always. Standing in line an hour to save about 50 pesos? Think I will just wait until March, pay full price, and hope they have the same requirements for everyone by then. Wayne's experience flys in the face of the GDL Reporter article saying no changes from previous years. Go figure! Viva Mexico?
  4. Make a condition of your purchase agreement that builder will assure telephone and Internet are both installed and operable prior to closing.
  5. Buying a vehicle licensed in another state can be fraught with potential problems. You need legal advice that you pay for. Spencer has recommended not to do what you are doing. Tons of vehicles available in Jalisco and licensed here where it is much easier to detect and solve any problems.
  6. Santiago Hernandez said his hospital will border Vista Allegre. Is this where the construction is?
  7. Yes, there is a constant convoy of huge dump trucks driving 35 miles each way to dump human waste into Lake Chapala 24 hours a day, which is why it is so shallow and full of sh*t, much like your comments.
  8. Yes, US passport renewal can take place well after expiration with no penalties.
  9. Of course. All online stores have the same products year round, but the actual physical stores won't carry them until spring. I stand by my post.
  10. Service sucks. Food pretty good. Fortunately, I only go for the food.
  11. I'm not very good at solving difficult math problems, but isn't 125 pesos half of 250 pesos, as Angus stated?
  12. Looking for a yard umbrella in the middle of "winter" will give you the smallest selection. They are seasonal. March will bring more choices.
  13. LOL! Where were you when I arrived 13 years ago? Thanks, anyway.
  14. I think a Mexican plated luxury vehicle driven by Mexicans is pretty safe. Thieves might think they are cartel members. Some, probably are.
  15. Article in today's Reporter says no changes from previous years. License plate number only. Nothing else required. Not sure why some were asked for CURP or RFC.
  16. Did renewal a few months ago and a lease is not on the list of suggested IDs.
  17. Thank you for the helpful suggestions. My friend has been following this thread and appreciates your ideas very much.
  18. US State Department issued travel warnings today with strongest warnings for Americans to avoid five states, of which the State of Colima is one.
  19. Exactly why I have zero interest in dual citizenship. I see how Mexicans are treated by their government. Not for me.
  20. Showing the price of something in a foreign country serves what purpose?
  21. Almost all of the local clinics have visiting ENTs some on a weekly basis, although as moon hill wrote, their main offices are in GDL. Integrity, Quality Care, Maskaras, etc might be worth a phone call if this is a non emergency.
  22. Or SuperLake. The crystallized ice cream and frozen food items packed Individually, but now a solid frozen clump in the plastic bag are definite clues. Not to mention all the freezers running first thing in the morning with their glass windows so full of condensation that one must open the freezer door to see what products are behind it. Condensation is gone after a couple of hours of freezers being turned back on and correct temperature reached.
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