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  1. One visit was enough for me, too.
  2. One of my favorite places and has been for several years.
  3. Of course, you can. There are clearly marked signs along the routes where one can exit the bus or reenter one.
  4. Final figure was 275 as I opted for a total 35 kilos of luggage each way rather than two carry ons at 5 kilos each which was the 235 amount.
  5. Local travel agents charge same as on line fares, have total access to all flights and Volaris pays them a commission. No need to use apps or websites. I used Lupita at Viajes.
  6. Al Berca


    "Outdoor dining" is sitting in the gravel of a busy parking lot with vehicles passing a few feet from the tables. Talk about zero ambiance. This one is in the negative range.
  7. Haven't been to Copper Canyon, but I have enjoyed Lydia's tours. Somewhat more casual and less regimented than some others. She works hard to make sure everyone is enjoying her tours and having a good time.
  8. I have purchased it at hardware store next to Handy Mail. Several grades available.
  9. Just one road in and out. Look for the road sign on the highway after you enter Michoacan and the peninsula that is Petatan can be seen jutting into the lake. Only one circular road in Petatan. Stay to the right and look for women cleaning fish under covered sheds on the left. That's it! Pelicans begin to leave in March and are pretty much gone by the end of the month.
  10. They are usually fed between four and five on week days, so you might want to be there by three or three thirty. It is worth the drive. There is no processing plant, it is the wives of the fishermen slinging knives under outdoor sheds that do the "processing" and the waste is piled into wheelbarrows and dumped into the lake for the Pelicans.
  11. Thanks, Charlie. Those comments should be a thread closer. Hope so. Long overdue.
  12. As a resident of Ajijic for the last 13 years I could not be more delighted to see the encouragement of foreigners to live in Chapala instead. Thank you.
  13. You would have to terminate her and pay her what is due and then hire her as a new employee. You cannot escape what she is legally owed by reducing her hours, but you can offer her a new job with a change in her hours and or pay after you pay what you legally owe her for termination. You are not allowed to reduce her hours on the same job. It's quite clear what you are trying to do and, fortunately, the labor laws will protect your employee should you choose not to follow them.
  14. To me, adding or subtracting a breakfast is a sign of the financial health of that restaurant. Good for Cocinart.
  15. Los Cincos Potrillos is still open, but food and service have never been the same after the untimely death of the owner and his widow taking charge.
  16. Jose's Illusion, by far. I didn't realize what a treasure of quality Middle Eastern food they served until they were gone. Excellent service, too.
  17. The map doesn't show the one I was thinking of, but only the ones in Joco and Chapala locally. It must no longer be accredited. Thanks for your help.
  18. Thank you. That's a beginning. Now, when I do a forum search, I get one response. My current post! Still hoping for location and address of emission test center which I believe is, or was, located there.
  19. I thought there was one, but can't find it in search function or by Googling. Maybe, it no longer exists or I am misspelling the location. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  20. It doesn't exist and never has. Even Tony Burton gave up trying to find it after years of research including two different contacts at National Geographic who told him they couldn't find it, either.
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