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  1. The main floor seats including front row center are unpadded folding chairs, so concrete benches seem plausible for the "cheap seats", but I have no first hand knowledge of those seats.
  2. How to choose a real estate agent, not a Realtor which are virtually nonexistent here, would also be helpful since there is no licensing, background check or any other legal requirements to call yourself one.
  3. If I could speak Spanish, I'd be gone, too.
  4. Have you posted on one of the local FB forums? Such a tiny minority of people in their 30's post here or even know of the existence of this board.
  5. The OP's responses to questions are contradictory, so it is impossible to understand or give him advice.
  6. If you use your cell phone too sparingly it will need to be reactivated by TelCel after a month or two of non use, but your minutes are saved for one year before being disappeared. This is in addition to the correct info provided above by Mod 5.
  7. Salitre is not uncommon NOB where it is called efflorescence.
  8. Many Mexican men are willing to do this, also. In fact, they look forward to the opportunity.
  9. As a former real estate agent here, please take Spencer's advice seriously, as it is spot on.
  10. I don't think there is an annual cap. If there is, I would appreciate the source of that info.
  11. Help me understand how you took the official inflation rate and determined that not only was it related to rent increases, but. was the sole determiner of the maximum rent increase in the Country of Mexico. . Thank you.
  12. Maskaras Clinic, Integrity Clinic, Ajijic Hospital, Dr. Leon and more all have a full staff of English speaking medical specialists who come in from their main offices in GDL on a regular basis. You have a lot of choices for medical care. I interviewed four recommended doctors here before selecting one as my primary care physician.
  13. It is interesting. We even get to make up our own laws!
  14. I thought your rent could be increased by up to 10% annually?
  15. Exact English language from "Customs Declaration for passengers coming from abroad". "Baggage and duty-free exemption" "Passengers may bring duty- free, new or used items that make up their personal luggage and other items as a part of their duty-free exemption." "List of items that include personal baggage" "... A device to measure glucose or a mixed device and their reagents, as well as medicines for personalize (sic) (you must show the corresponding medical prescription for psychotropic substances)."
  16. There are also meetings at LCS.
  17. If he is actually there he probably is no longer alive after all this time has passed. You'll know for sure as soon as the house warms up from the sun, since nothing else seems to being done.
  18. Exact same reports and same complaints every single time they do licenses here. Why do people go and then complain about it? Stop going. It is soo easy to do it at one of their offices, enjoy a leisurely drive, stop for a pleasant lunch and be home with your new license while people are still waiting in line for theirs here.
  19. Why does promoting Chapala usually necessitate putting down Ajijic? Doesn't make sense and is completely unnecessary.
  20. Usually, less than 30 minutes in Zapopan or Tlaquepaque offices. Lines at both are short or nonexistent.
  21. At my age buying a helicopter or paying for private health insurance is almost the same price.
  22. There is a female doctor in West Ajijic who is doing some type of stem cell injections for 2500 or 3500 pesos each. A friend has reported a much higher energy level and a lessening of joint pain almost immediately. I do not have additional info. Sorry. Near Dental Express.
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