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  1. In less than 48 hours since its creation, it now has over 400 members with several crimes having been reported.
  2. Which one? I had to stop eating there when I found out that everyone was smarter than me. And I didn't even have to ask.
  3. Minimum raise to 50 an hour. I raised my 11 year housekeeper from 50 to 60 an hour in January of this year.
  4. Spellcheck decided it was two words. Sometimes, I just let it have its way with me.
  5. I started a similar topic regarding Superlake in La Cocina section earlier today. Glad to know I am not the only one noticing the price gouging and inferior products and selection being offered there nowadays.
  6. I, apparently, am one of those few who enjoy driving to Costco and choosing my purchases while checking out the new items in stock and having lunch at a restaurant in GDL with maybe a stop at Home Depot before heading home with my stomach, backseat and trunk full. I enjoy the drive and time spent. Waiting home for hot dogs to be delivered just doesn't work for me.
  7. Kirkland brand all beef regular size hot dogs were marked at 259 for a 12 pack. Had to be a mistake. Checked with an employee who assured me that was their new price. I passed. Went to Costco yesterday and bought three 12 packs of identical dogs for 279. I have seen similar mark ups on other items since the takeover. The good thing is that Superlake seems much less crowded that it used to be.
  8. It really is sad that every positive post about Chapala contains a slam on Ajijic. A true sign of a struggling under dog. Maybe, someday Chapala can be celebrated for its real and many assets without needing to insult those who live elsewhere. Chapala deserves better.
  9. I had grab bars installed, too. Ellie's advice is exactly what I did and would recommend to you, Lexy. The bars with a striated surface give an almost non slip grip as opposed to the smooth surface which can be slippery, especially if you grab it for balance with soapy or even wet hands in an emergency.
  10. Sadly, me too. My fettuccine dish was way less than al dente with uncooked pasta in the middle and appeared to have been dipped in carbonara sauce as there was little in the bottom of the bowl. My companion thoroughly enjoyed her salad, mussels dish and two glasses of wine until the bill came at 335 pesos for her lunch, not including tip. Maybe, it was the wine. Service was excellent, polite and friendly. Nice ambiance, too.
  11. I might be able to afford a couple of starter panels. I would be interested in a ball park price for purchase and installation, also.
  12. Great. Two not so good reviews and I'm leaving to go there for lunch for the first time in ten minutes.
  13. Good choice. It is always my recommendation for first time visitors here. They have all enjoyed the experience.
  14. The main floor seats including front row center are unpadded folding chairs, so concrete benches seem plausible for the "cheap seats", but I have no first hand knowledge of those seats.
  15. How to choose a real estate agent, not a Realtor which are virtually nonexistent here, would also be helpful since there is no licensing, background check or any other legal requirements to call yourself one.
  16. If I could speak Spanish, I'd be gone, too.
  17. Have you posted on one of the local FB forums? Such a tiny minority of people in their 30's post here or even know of the existence of this board.
  18. The OP's responses to questions are contradictory, so it is impossible to understand or give him advice.
  19. If you use your cell phone too sparingly it will need to be reactivated by TelCel after a month or two of non use, but your minutes are saved for one year before being disappeared. This is in addition to the correct info provided above by Mod 5.
  20. Salitre is not uncommon NOB where it is called efflorescence.
  21. Many Mexican men are willing to do this, also. In fact, they look forward to the opportunity.
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