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  1. Still not getting it. I use the Yahoo Mail app. Wonder if that makes any difference? Not really a big deal, but thanks.
  2. Hasn't happened to me yet but appreciate the "heads up" and knowing I have options when it does.
  3. Paz used to have them on the wall in front of the cash registers, but I haven't been in there for a few years.
  4. I have had the same problem. A friend who works for Amazon US told me to call 001-206-266-2992. Talked to a human being who took care of their error immediately.
  5. Interesting and helpful, but not at all related to the questions I asked that I was hoping would be in your response.
  6. I think that, also. However, Alan's post appears to disagree and based upon his wife's position with Seguro Popular, I take his posts on this subject most seriously and hope he responds to my questions. Thanks.
  7. Many of us have had Seguro Popular for years, not used it, and have not started a clinical file. Are you saying that if it is not done immediately after sign up, we do not have coverage? I understand that it must be done before we receive services, but immediately after sign up? Is that your opinion or a requirement of Seguro Popular which is not mentioned above? Thank you.
  8. If it's the "real" Bobby, I am definitely in.
  9. There is a female doctor in West Ajijic, near Dental Express, that I believe does this for around 2500 pesos per injection. Sorry, I do not have more specific info for you.
  10. Formerly Villa del Arte, formerly La Mision, current incarnation Casa Linda.
  11. Google shows 76 decibels as comparable to "living room music" and 47 decibels comparable to a "running refrigerator", but the OP lives two blocks away with windows closed, air conditioner running, "and a TV blaring" and the music still bothers her? Hmmm.
  12. Thanks, jrod. That one is a surprise.
  13. Thank you, Ferret. That makes perfect sense. It's their kind of salad.
  14. I know I have seen it on the menu of a local restaurant, but can't remember which one. A little help please? Thanks.
  15. Manix is advertising that their Easter hams are being purchased from Tony's.
  16. Poster got answers and deleted? All of us should be so considerate. Cuts down on the posts that go on forever about nothing long after post has been answered.
  17. What they are doing is illegal. IVA, by law, must be included in restaurant pricing.
  18. I wouldn't tolerate this behavior. Pay them their finiquito and off they go. Others would be happy to replace them and show you more respect.
  19. Begins Tuesday according to The Weather Channel. High of 90/32.2 forecast as of now.
  20. Poor kid. I really feel sorry for him. He tries so hard, but just doesn't know what he is doing. Mom and dad are financing him, hoping to get his career as a chef started. Doesn't look good. Really nice young man.
  21. In less than 48 hours since its creation, it now has over 400 members with several crimes having been reported.
  22. Which one? I had to stop eating there when I found out that everyone was smarter than me. And I didn't even have to ask.
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