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  1. What's up with the personal attacks? Not funny!
  2. Thank you for posting your experience. I think you are right. Sadly, women alone always need to be more vigilant than men. I hope your post helps.
  3. Don't worry. Since the topic is "noise" another one should be started momentarily.
  4. I love the name, too. Please let us know when it is on the shelves at SuperLake. I don't go there often but will make a trip there to try out your coffee. Best of luck.
  5. La Mision's post is correct.
  6. Yeah, but I only have two thumbs and eight fingers, so I had to stop. How many did I miss?
  7. I stay out of Ajijic Centro also, and am looking forward to trying their pizza for the first time due to all the positive reviews and a much more desireable location from my standpoint.
  8. Also, Lake Chapala Rentals. The problem is that many of these rentals are only for a few months, so read the post carefully for long term rentals, Lexy.
  9. Canada now joins a growing list of countries where vehicles have been or are being used for mass killings. Sad for all of us, but it is the world we live in today.
  10. Anyone local doing this now or am I off to GDL? A search shows none in lakeside, but it was a year old and I am hoping that might have changed. Thanks.
  11. Tom Kessler just called this false on FB and that sign ups are going well and goal is expected to be reached. I asked him to please respond on this thread.
  12. Sounds like you have Saltillo tiles, as do I. Juan Jose Dieguez & Hijos did an excellent job at a more than reasonable price for exactly what you are seeking. 376-766-0089 cel. 331-1135-902
  13. Sunshiney Day just talked to Miguel and he's coming out next week and can do the work needed. You are a lifesaver! Well, almost. Many thanks.
  14. Thank you. I don't know who he is and a forum search doesn't show his name. Do you have contact info?
  15. Al Berca


    Drove past El Ancla at 12:30 yesterday and saw two or three tables occupied. Went past again about 1:45 and no tables occupied. Guess word hasn't gotten out on its positive changes.
  16. Any recommendations for ceiling fan installation or repairs other than Rafi/Rafael? Thank you.
  17. A gallon of gas is now more than the hourly rate many of us pay our domestic employees. More than sad.
  18. They're not crocodiles. They're manatees.
  19. Good to know that a man who served six years in prison for "stealing babies" now "realizes he was involved in illegal transactions". Wonder how he figured it out.
  20. Article is a year old and changes have already begun.
  21. Thank you, Arroyos. This is what most of us believed to be true. Hope the above poster who gave misinformation reads your response. Very much appreciated.
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