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  1. Why do you say that? The door will be inside my car port and I wanted it to open IN so that it doesn't hit the side of my car when it is opened as it will only be a couple of feet or so from the door. No?
  2. Are there any viable, but less expensive options for a plain, but solid exterior security door other than having one custom made by a local iron worker? I can't think of any, but was hoping for another option or two. Thanks.
  3. Check with LCS. In the recent past they have had somebody in their video department that offered this service, but I haven't heard about it lately.
  4. Jackie said it all. Excellent response. Thank you.
  5. Just phoned Nelly. While not having exact numbers, because there are other ways to join, her estimate is that we only need about 30 more people to sign up with their payment.
  6. All phone numbers in GDL begin with 33 and are then followed by 8 numbers.
  7. I always go home and Google any new meds or significant changes in meds prior to purchasing them or making any changes. Doctors cannot be expected to know all the possible contraindications of all the possible combinations of meds here and pharmacists, as we know them from NOB, are simply non existent in Mexico. As with almost everything else in Mexico, the only person responsible for you is you.
  8. Maskaras and Ajijic clinics are both 24/7 emergency clinics and can probably get a GI specialist in or get you to a hospital in GDL as fast as it can be done from here. Maskaras 765-4805 or 765-4838 Ajijic 766-0500 or 766-0622
  9. Thank you. That's the name I couldn't remember. My friends love the diversity and friendliness there and it has become one of their favorite stops when they are out and about.
  10. I stopped going because I thought the prices were high, portions small and service dismal. I hope they have improved, but I won't return.
  11. You're thinking of Rafael, I think. He is now an independent contractor as is Miguel, who also lives locally.
  12. Happy with his work and reasonable charges. Nice guy and knows what he is doing. Only problem is we are still waiting for a small part that he hopes to have by next week for one of the fans. The fan is quite old and I thought he would suggest replacement, but he thinks he can find the part. That was a nice surprise.
  13. A recently opened bar in Ajijic is gay owned and draws a mix of customers. I can't remember the name, but maybe someone else will. If by "gay scene" you mean "gays only", that doesn't exist in lakeside, you'll have to go to GDL or Vallarta. Lakeside friendships seem to be more all inclusive than separatist and one's sexuality is seldom a factor in determining friendship here.
  14. What a ridiculous comment. Oops, never mind. I just drooled.
  15. New hours Sat-Tues. 5:00-8:30. Dinner only.
  16. There is a children's chess club that meets Saturday's 12-1 on the LCS grounds in which expats teach local children how to play. It has been very successful. I am sure they would welcome a donation of a chess set, if that is something you would consider.
  17. Lic. Azucena Bateman. 766-1654. Office @ Ocampo #30, Ajijic Centro.
  18. September should be fine. A few "birds" may trickle down in October, but the onslaught doesn't begin until November.
  19. I can't figure it out, either. Must take someone with very good computer skills/knowledge to be able to bump up their own score.
  20. Casa del Plomero on highway in west Ajijic.
  21. I'm loving this. Thanks for the great post and excellent information.
  22. Large tree down on Galeana in central Ajijic.
  23. Not anymore! Eight new posts and a couple of them very informative.
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