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  1. Several times a day including just now trying to login or switch topics.
  2. Writing rhetorical questions on a web board is a great idea. Keep up the good work.
  3. No. Go back a few more times just to make sure.
  4. I didn't realize English speakers were upset.
  5. It is in El Chante, if that helps. Angus is right. It is easy to miss due to the wall with entrance gate in front of it.
  6. Never! Prepaying a year in advance gives tenant zero leverage when repairs/replacements are needed unless tenant agrees to be responsible for those things due to lower rent price. Only one party wins from a deal like this and that's the landlord!
  7. "La Pueblita in West Ajijic" is the title of a post begun by Cedros on November 26, 2017.
  8. Custom made and installed this morning by Jose Luis Hernandez, aka El Vaquero. Exactly what I wanted with perfect fit and installation. 2500 pesos, including installation, lock and keys. Highly recommended. Shop is here in SAT. Cel 33-3465-5175.
  9. I am just against using fear mongering to encourage the new and uninformed to spend their money needlessly on unnecessary services by constantly self promoting "facilitators". That's all.
  10. Thank you, Harry. I have been trying to get a recommendation from somebody that has used the new guys for two weeks. Now, I have one and will be visiting them next week. Much appreciated.
  11. She also said "all expats", not just Americans, which makes no sense at all. Why would all foreign residents of Mexico from around the world be included in an act of retaliation against the U.S.? Nah.
  12. I sure hope Mexico can come up with something more effective to retaliate against steel and aluminum import duties than banning a few thousand mostly retired/senior Americans from enrolling in a national healthcare program that most of us will never use, anyway. Almost laughable.
  13. Interesting comments, thanks. Still looking for answers to my questions. Even an answer to one or two of them would be helpful. Thank you
  14. I think TelMex has a vacation plan for a low monthly fee when one is going to be gone for a period of time, rather than closing account, losing your phone number and running the risk of no line available when you return. Not sure how you would be able to accurately identify yourself over the phone to make any changes.
  15. What does CFE require to do this, if anything? What is the cost of doing this, if any? How long from request until meter is replaced? Mas o menos. Can anyone do this? Or what kind of proof is necessary to show to CFE that this is, in fact, the meter they are using if CFE bill is not in their name? Will a simple lease suffice? Looking for facts, not guesses. Thanks.
  16. Alberto Farias (House Doctor), and a man of many talents, installed mine flawlessly. He may do repairs. Cel 33-1706-9407
  17. Since the OP went to Mazamitla yesterday, maybe she can give an accurate, current first hand account of the roads.
  18. My LG mini split was purchased at Home Depot three years ago when I couldn't find one locally. Not sure if things have changed here.
  19. It is not unusually hot for this time of year and the outages started last night and into the morning which are the coolest times of day with the lowest demands on electrical service.
  20. I had a close friend who owned a home there. Single, handicapped and in his 70's. I visited him a few times a week. Not only is La Huerta a beautiful community of well built and well cared for homes, but the neighbors were amazingly kind to my friend. They made sure they checked on him daily, occasionally took food over for him and invited him into their homes for dinner frequently. La Huerta is one of my favorite communities in lakeside and a beautiful place to take a walk in an extremely secure neighborhood.
  21. Canadian for garbage disposal.
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