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  1. Minnie vans are only available at Disneyland and Disney World.
  2. Thanks. That explains the cohetes.
  3. None at El Torito this morning, either.
  4. Nothing comes remotely close to Buddy's Pizza in Detroit, but I agree completely with you about Red Baron's frozen pizza, my favorite, which has plenty of sauce and real mozzarella.
  5. Laura at the garden store can probably order it for you if she doesn't have it in stock.
  6. I need a couple of custom made interior doors and frames replaced and have never hired a carpenter before. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Any language, too. This "all leases must be written in Spanish" is also wrong. Contracts may be written in any mutually agreed upon language and only need to be translated into Spanish in case of a dispute and the courts or arbitration are called upon to decide that dispute.
  8. They have also been banned from and a warning to members issued about them on more than one local FB site.
  9. Also, Orson Perez (the dog walker) near Dental Express in west Ajijic. Cel 33-1712-1408.
  10. Not remotely close to curious people making the rounds of retirement homes on bus tours.
  11. How would you like to live in a retirement home and have groups of strangers walking around and looking at you? Make appointments and visit the ones that interest you on your own.
  12. Complete info in this week's GDL Reporter.
  13. I liked the La Brea bread too, but since discovering the Scandanvian bakery in Centro Laguna, I like their breads even better. Sourdough, crunchy crust, moist interiors and fresh from their ovens, 8 or ten varieties.
  14. The American Embassy is in Mexico City where the United States Ambassador lives. Guadalajara has one of three US Consulates in Mexico. LCS recently published the following number as being answered by an actual human being: From within Mexico 001-883-772-1213. They should be able to transfer you to the SS Division within the Consulate. They mention that " Calling later is better; you can talk to a real person". No indication exactly what "later" means.
  15. I bought two 500 mg rolls of Presidente salted a couple of weeks ago at Pancho's. He probably sold out and is awaiting a new shipment as they seem to fly off the shelves quickly.
  16. If you want a legal opinion, pay for professional advice. If not, you're in the right place.
  17. Several times a day including just now trying to login or switch topics.
  18. Writing rhetorical questions on a web board is a great idea. Keep up the good work.
  19. No. Go back a few more times just to make sure.
  20. I didn't realize English speakers were upset.
  21. It is in El Chante, if that helps. Angus is right. It is easy to miss due to the wall with entrance gate in front of it.
  22. Never! Prepaying a year in advance gives tenant zero leverage when repairs/replacements are needed unless tenant agrees to be responsible for those things due to lower rent price. Only one party wins from a deal like this and that's the landlord!
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